C Programming Tutorial – 67: The gets() and puts() Functions

In this tutorial we will see how we can use the gets() function to receive strings as input and how we can use puts() to display strings on the screen.

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Gudu Kasa says:

He is is using code blcok. You can download code block

Kaimura 92 says:

Why can’t I just use printf and scanf as usual? Why were these things (puts, gets) introduced?

Gudu Kasa says:

int main()
 char str[35];
 printf(“Enter a string:”);
 printf(“The string entered is:”);

return 0;

Here you go to check how it works

Corneel117 says:

Programmers which is not from India is scares 🙂

Wahid Hamidy says:

I appreciate that man!

HoshiAMVs says:

Well what if i want to get a users input? How would I fix char [35] so that i can input more than 35 bytes?

Satyadhar Joshi says:


Pranav Desai says:

Lets say I want to get the user input, how could I possibly store for than 35 bytes?

sachin adhikari says:

Thanks bro!!

Rand Almusfi says:

informative, short and on point. Can’t ask for more Thankss !

Pequod Senpai says:

Which program are you using for this?

Maximatron 115 says:

ur gently need help
whats does [ ] mean and if i put [1] it still works why???

xXVerrySimpalXx says:

This is great bro, thanks 🙂 

Mohamed Hijas Junaideen says:

bro explain the code a bit more rather than just saying what you did or reading out the code on the screen.

Shubham Singhal says:


munny kumar says:


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