C Programming Tutorial – 7 – Variables

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yusuf şalk says:

where did u heard this fuckin shit ?? 3:00

abir hasnat zawad says:

(int age;
the answer is:310
if i write
(int age;
the answer shows:274

Edmar Machado says:

what is difference %d vs %i please?

Furkan Süngü says:

when I write 17 it shows as 56 , when I write 15 it shows as 8 :d What’s the problem?

mohamed el hady says:

the lines is very small in the screan . I donot cam see wall

tarık yılmaz says:

%d refers to digit and %s refers to string u may wanna say that ^^


7 episodes later, the actual tutorial begins

Sarika Wahid says:

how to print programing lines?

Zafar asif says:

why all of a sudden the video become blurred ?

Seven Day says:

Hey, what do I do if it thinks 16+2 is 103 and 20-2 is 87?

EDIT: Nevermind. I had the formula before the other two variables.

Dibyendu Db says:

why do we use int main in the starting

Nicholas Lee says:

int main()
char you[4] = “Alex”;
printf(“My name is %s “, you );
It prints “My name is AlexD…
Even if u change the you, It still prints with “D”. Why?

How To says:

thank you very much, you are explaining very good and understandable

El ghasseim Senghott says:

good job well explained

Q _ Q says:

’69hotdogs’ great choice bucky…

Anil Mawji says:

Why say
int age;
age = 27;
instead of
int age = 27;

Kelly Freet says:

69hotdogs <3333

Jaswaanth Bhaskar says:

wow…cool tutorial and cool tutor ever I’ve seen…

Emilia Holmberg says:

Uh. Can someone explain the entire int main() thing in the beginning? and why we have to put return 0; after after the function?

lucky max says:

i can see the cods buddy

philip bromander says:

I still dont get all the #include in the beginning. Its suppose to tell the program what things/functions I want to use?

aprender says:

I love the way he even teaches this very basic stuff.
Love you man.

Vivek Wandile says:

sir, what is function of very first two lines, are they necessary?

Shocking Magic !!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

letters are too small to see clearly.can you plz make it bigger?

PunchineloPow says:

Can anyone recommend a way of knowing what header files will be useful to me in different given situations? So far I have only had to use .

Djamel Arab says:

perfect teacher ever !
owww man we born in the same year lol

Jeffe Mechatron says:

man. you the best. no doubt!

Zuko says:


Mahmoud Rashad says:

thanks for the easy way you teach


how to print multiple variables?this video only saw us print single variable

Vicky Mukherjee says:

Can you please tell me how can I add a string as a variable. Like my name “vicky” .

jonus brothers says:

i am not understanding that why we are using “return 0 “..i mean why 0??
please reply asap..
please help##

Jun Rio says:

Is C connected to C++?

99saugat [ Technical ] says:

Hey, Please make your videos a quite faster speaking and quite interesting with some animations coming up. However, it works when I speed up to 1.25 but sometimes it gets quite boring as well ! ! !

maishan wahyd says:

How can someone dislike this ?????
Such amazing tutorials. Love this so much. I have learnt so much in a few days.
You sir are an incredible citizen.
God bless your soul.

ayush jha says:

Age calculator where the user gets to input his current year and birthyear, #include
#include int main()
 int age;
 int currentYear;
 int birthYear; printf(“Enter your birthyear”);
 printf(“Enter your currentyear”);
 age = currentYear – birthYear;
 printf(“you are %d years old”, age);
 return 0;

Shan S says:

Dude, I must say your stuff is amazing!

Kirin Ma says:

Font is so little .What if it can be adjusted bigger

Breddarz says:

Is there a way to work out age with the months as well as years? I may be born in 1987 but if it’s only July and I’m born in October then I’m not 29 yet.

TR Tube says:

u r awesome ,upload more

ying tang says:

why I put “age=currentyear-birthyear;” infront of ” birthyear=1917;
currentyear=2017;” ,the output is minus 83 years old?


please give me your contact number so I can ask you for more details

Leonas Milius says:

Thanks for video. Question:
int name;
name = “Mrs X”;

why string has to be declared as int to get it printed?
i tried str name; < but it's incorect and we use int to declare string?

Dark Shadow says:

Can’t we just make a variable like this:
Int age = 27;

GxGaming says:

69 a porcupine

anonymous clark says:

bucky is now 30 years old

Calverez Rogers says:

Bucky hey I was wondering why doesn’t code like this out put 20 in the second printf line.Please get around to me or anyone else. #include

int main ()

int age ;

age=20 ;

printf(“This is Joseph’s age %dnn “,age);

printf(“Joseph is”,20,”years old”);

return 0;


ewk says:

thanks for making these so entertaining

Kelvin Luk says:

is C case sensitive?

Jason Heard says:

// Thank you!

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