C Programming Tutorial 8 Pre and Post Increment

Increment operator is used to increment the current value of variable by adding integer 1.


vatsav sree says:

But in while loop sometimes we use post increment but why it acts as apre increment

Harsh Mishra says:

int a=5;




Is this an error?

Please give me answer!

Manandi ValliRachana says:

Int i=1;
Output I got is 2

Joshua C. says:

Thank you for visualizing the difference here!

sachin madishetty says:

int i=3;
i = i++;
o/p :3


dogsRoxXD says:

Why is every programming tutorial ran by an Indian guy?

shubh says:

give some eg for running multipal inc dec oprator in one line??/ explain with output

Jayzn says:

Thank you so much, I didn’t understand it before !

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