C Programming Tutorial – 8 – String Terminator

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Lelouch Lamperouge says:

whats the use of putting an extra slot for the string terminator? mine works perfectly with 13

tex bsn says:

sir u are awsome and u realy help me to backup my memory plz if u dont mind plz give me to ur wathapp number plz i am from india and i am a computer science engg. but resently sum type of resons i lose my mamory because i have mind fever plz give me some more tips about computer langauge

Mohsen Foruozanmehr says:

So nice for me.

Booper Dooper says:


Aman Rustagi says:

Thanks.. very useful for beginners. Your tutorials are always a delight for newbee programs.

Kenneth Brewer says:

This man teaches like I teach Thanks


“shtwing temrminator”

ibrahim shaikh says:

wrong program

PunchineloPow says:

Im sure that array is 15 bytes long including the zero?

maz phamm says:

man ive done a whole intermediate class and never heard of the “shtring terminator”, i guess i need to take the course again.

Cholowao King Broomz says:

why say shtring]

Brendan mc adam says:

You are an Excellent Tutor man. Tanks so much for putting these up. Have never seen better!!!

Krutik Desai says:

String terminator has ‘’ , so why does it not take 2 bytes? (for the slash and the zero)

Kapil Pudasaini says:

please reply so you want us to creat a new project for every video or what

Yung Schtalin says:

Isnt the string terminator two characters? I believe it takes two bytes.
computers count from 0, so “Hello” is 7 bytes, but the letter H is has the index of 0 so we give it [6].

BlueMangoCat // IkaBMC says:

Bucky, you teach me the things I would never be able to know by my teacher until, like, 4 years more. You have a teaching spirit, that you should use. Why not collect some money and start a coding tuition at your area? Or, if enough money, try opening a little school at your home? Yeah, that would be perfect!

Jason Heard says:


zmunk says:

‘shtring terminator’

Ujjwal Gupta says:

I didn’t understand the part char name[14] = “Bucky Roberts”;
why it is 14 and what it is used?
can anyone please help?

Borislav Gridnev says:


Demian Koller says:

Terminators are awesome and that’s final.

diego jimenez says:

Can someone tell what character did he type in after {char name [14] } Line number 6 please?

Emarantia Ngomane says:

at 5:05 when you were writing the printf thing, why is name written without “xxx” these since it is not an integer? or do we consider it as one because of the char name[14] we performed first?

TheHades Hell says:

Sir,I have watched about 10 of starting videos but you don’t tell what these things are like what are strings and identifiers,keywords or data types…you just teach directly how to use things .Please upload some videos on that too.

ibrahim shaikh says:

not working

Leverquin says:

i always get <- next to my name O.o

Leo Valdez says:

Keep up the awesome work man…

Kim says:

how do you check to see if a number is positive or negative ?

Shailee Jain says:

its reaally so good to learn C from you, in academic it is taught as a burden of 100 kgs , Thnxx for the tutorial , Please tell us how to make some projet using C

mosfet500 says:

Thanks for the terrific series. Why do you use “void main()” with a “return(0)”? Why not just use “main()” with not return?

Abdikhaliq says:

teacher,,,i appreciate all your efforts,,,i can’t pay back ,,, you have got a great teaching policies,i am so proud of you.

1cheeselova says:

Funny coincidence, “Bucky Roberts” and my name, “Michael Beyer” both take up 13 characters + 1 more for the terminator to equal 14 in total.

Dibyendu Db says:

What’s your site’s link.I can’t find it.

Brian Nguyen says:

I don’t understand this part: char name[14] = “Bucky Roberts”;
why does it have to be 14? It still works with any other numbers too. Someone help me please?

Liltaw10 says:

Keep up the Great Work 😀

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