C Programming Tutorial 85, Recursion pt.1

Practice Problems: http://pastebin.com/gBnMXc2A


iTzAdam5X says:

I’m not really familiar with that term, but I think it is.

iTzAdam5X says:

Start working on a large projecet, that you don’t think you’ll get bored with. Choose something that has a lot off different features, so that instead of switching between languages you can switch between which feature you’re working on. If you want to work on something in C++, then take a look at the Qt framework. I’ve been working with it a lot recently and it’s really nice.

galaxyarnold says:

Hey Adam, first of all id like to thank you for your videos, you are helping a lot of people uploading these great videos. Secondly, id like to ask you if you could do some C# tutorials on networking, basics and behind the basics. thnx take care

GeorgeGraves says:

Nice video – but how does recursion get use in the real world besides factorials and sorting functions?

George Nicolson says:

I’m not really an experienced programmer or anything, but I understand you don’t have to choose a language .. In fact, you need all of them 😀
You could practice with the one you are most comfortable with and learn good programming and then it’s mostly learning the new syntax etc, at least if you know another language of the same/similar paradigm.
Obviously, different projects, platforms and purposes could be served better by different programming languages.

Aj Jadoon says:

thank you

Biff Bifford says:

Dude, I am a Python programmer and have always struggled with recursion. Often times at the expense of code efficiency and clarity. This was about as good an explanation I have ever heard. Hats off to you brother for taking the time to introduce some of us newer C programmers to the theory of recursion from a working perspective. I hope your still around cuz I just subscribed!

hamad al-ojayan says:

thanks, that’s so helpful

Fritz Auguste says:


int main ()

int x[5]={10,20,30,40,50,555};
int L= sizeof(x)/sizeof(x[0]);


return 0;

void Rev (int *x)
int y=*x;
if (*x != 555)
i want to use recusion to print this array backward ,,, why is my program crasing ? HELP?

iTzAdam5X says:

I think C is a really good language for learning, but not so much for practical use. I’ve never really written anything important in C before, but learning it really helped me understand what goes on behind your code, and it helped me learn assembly. If you want to write a native application, just write it in C++. It’ll save you a lot of time, and there really isn’t anything wrong with it.

najeh mchirgui says:

Thanks you so much

Jacob McPh says:

Thanks Man

DurpDan says:

First 🙂

MustangsRule3 says:

Holy shit you made it click for me, thank you

Jessica Wise says:

I have found your tutorials to be the most useful and helpful.Thank you.

Augustus Rutkoski says:

What program are u using?

Adeel Muzaffar says:

Thank you Adam, it works like a charm.

iTzAdam5X says:

I don’t think I’m going to, simply because I don’t really know a lot about it, and it doesn’t really interest me.

Amnah Mahmood says:

Thanks so much!!! 

Nour says:

very informative … if there is any intentions to add more lessons to the series, please cover linked lists


rpdatutube says:

Thanks-very helpful introduction to recursion with factorial example. I have added braces & else to the factorial function of yours e.g.:int rpdfactorial(int n){ if (n<=1){ return 1; }else return n*rpdfactorial(n-1); }  This seems to work & looks a bit better to me as a C beginner than your function without braces & else. I'm looking forward to looking at your other C videos, thanks 🙂

bondservant4Him says:

is this considered tail recursion?

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