C Programming Tutorial – 9: Characters

In this tutorials we’ll see how character variables are created in C. We’ll also see how integer arithmetic can be performed on characters.


Shane Callaghan says:

If you wanted to print out 12 ‘*’ in c programming how would you go about it? What I mean is I want to display ‘************’ to the screen without having to type those 12 asterisk characters in a printf statement using 12 times ‘*’.

Suraj Muskawad says:

what will happen if addition  of no is such no which is not form ascii …

Kekai Kimura says:

great explanation!!!! the table he is talking about is ASCII Table google it and you will understand perfectly!

Paul Furey says:

This may be an incredibly stupid question, but what are you using to execute these codes? I am currently using and online compiler like ideone currently. Thanks for your time.

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