C Programming Tutorial – 9 – I Need Arrays

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Darshan G says:

how can we change the 2 letters of a word at a single time as we changed ‘c’ to ‘z’

mariam gamal says:

i don’t understand the example of (char food [ ]=”’tuna”)
why we didn’t mention the number of bits? and why we use the function (strcpr) to change it ?

water says:

strcpy doesnt work for me for some reason, i am using sublime text and everything just works fine but when u type strcpy it just said its not a thing help

Nosferatu says:

not in every programming language it starts with 0. in erlang it starts with 1. (array)

Vicky Mukherjee says:

Can I use strcpy for chaning the value of any integer valued variables? It didn’t work for me.

yerrapotu kiran says:

Thank u Bucky

Tech Geeks4u says:

i saw the “I THINK YOU ARE Aayush Ranjan=ON” when running the following commands:
char name[13] = “Aayush Ranjan”;
printf(“I THINK YOU ARE %sn”,name);

Brian Nguyen says:

I have a question. wouldn’t it be optional to put a number inside the bracket? char name[] = “Bucky Roberts”; would still be fine right?

Kepler says:

name[2] = “x”; Doesnt work. Invalid conversion from “const *char” to “char”.. Memory related.

S&LGaming says:

Always remember when using strcpy that you allocate enough bytes of memory for the buffer you are wanting to write to, otherwise you will cause your program to have a buffer overflow because the data will be forced out of bounds. For example

char tuna[13] = “I Love Tuna”;
strcpy(tuna, “Tuna is the greatest food ever !!!”); <-- That right there would overflow the buffer. Always make sure and allocate enough bytes. Otherwise expect bugs and crashes

takeng pame says:

I m try of seeing ur ads

Orangejuice9000 says:

Instead of typing: char name[14] = “Bucky Roberts” could you not leave out the number 14?
I don’t fully understand the reason for inputting the number manually.

Thank you for these videos.

sadeq ghannam says:


int main()
char nsme [13] = “sadeq ghannam”;
printf(“my name is %s n”,”name”);
return 0;
the output will be my name is name
lol can someone figure why ?

jib says:

sir roberts or anyone who can help me in comments section will appreciate about this question
i want to delete the third letter or element of my array and i did it this but it is wrong any help please


int main()

char deleteletter;

char name[13]=”bucky roberts “;

deleteletter =name;

printf(“my is name %s:n”,name);

return 0;
int deleteletter()

char name ;

char deleteletter [2];

printf(“my is name %s:n”,name);


Stanley Chideme says:

Hi bucky, loving your work. I’m kinda having a problem with using strcpy function. I keep trying to use it following your turtorial but I keep getting no change and a message from the log: “C:UsersAdminDesktopc_tutsvmain.c|24|warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘strcpy’|”. please help. thanks

Alacaster Soi says:

easy way to remember
strcpy = string copy

Sophia Kang says:

It’s really good video!!
But I can’t understand why we need to use keyword ‘strcpy’
why do we have to use ‘strcpy’ without just creating another array?

E Garam says:

c-section, bytes of tuna hehe what’s next?
Me and my friend are started watching these lectures from last week and we tacitly agreed to call it as a c-section.

Henry Chitic says:

What is the difference between a variable and an array?

Alacaster Soi says:

bites of tunA

Jesse Potwin says:

Heh, I need “arrays”.

Nicholas Lee says:

This treehouse ad is starting to get very annoying.

Iikka Konola says:

dude, you are making good videos – and i am comparing tutorial videos usually to khan academy videos(which are generally brilliantly made by education pros). Thanks!

Gravice says:

I love you. You have no idea how much I appreciate this tutorial series
I want your babies

Dheeraj verma says:

Can I use strcpy for chaning the value of any integer valued variables? It didn’t work for me.

TheHades Hell says:

what is difference between writing and not writing bytes no. after char in bracket?

Syed Tihaam Ahmad says:

Why has he created 2 playlists for C programming tutorials ?

Captian Shrey says:

It Says “U” After String.

Ilan Schvartzman says:

But tuna is length 5 and bacon is length 6. how come it worked?

William Berkeley Trimble says:

You didn’t explain arrays good enough

ايهاب فهمي says:

hi i wrote a program but i have this messege
is not a function or function pointer


int main()
char name[11]=”ehab fahmy”;
printf(“who is %s n”,name);

name(2) = ‘z’;
printf(“who is %s n”,name);

return 0;

Osmifor Centrio says:

What about 13 and 14th element of the array

Seven Day says:

So, what if I want a program to mangle the user’s name, and then get it right immediately afterwards? How do I undo “arrayname[x] = y”, so it is only wrong once?

Lowinator says:

to your header in order to get rid of the implicit declaration warning.

Sachiyo Daley says:

Hey does anyone know if printf(name[2]); should run successfully and print a ‘z’ if placed at the end of the code?
My computer doesn’t seem to like it and keeps saying not responding :/
I close the “not responding” message and it has the rest of the code but not that that bit, anybody know why??

Maple Foong says:

hi i got a question about array,

const int NUM_EMPLOYEES = 6;
int hours [NUM_EMPLOYEES];

printf (“Enter the hours worked by six employees: “);
scanf (“%d”, &hours[0]);
scanf (“%d”, &hours[1]);
scanf (“%d”, &hours[2]);
scanf (“%d”, &hours[3]);
scanf (“%d”, &hours[4]);
scanf (“%d”, &hours[5]);
scanf (“%d”, &hours[6]);

printf (“The hours you entered are: “);
printf (“%d “, hours[0]);
printf (“%d “, hours[1]);
printf (“%d “, hours[2]);
printf (“%d “, hours[3]);
printf (“%d “, hours[4]);
printf (“%d “, hours[5]);
printf (“%d “, hours[6]);

return 0;

above is what I type, the size of array is 6 but the index i make it 7 but still can run why ? I mean i also able to key in 7 input and show 7 output.

0dimitris9 says:

You have to include cstring for strcpy to work.

fynn karn-wadden says:

LOL  “your gonna sell this badboy to microsoft fior millions”

Ashish Rai says:

how can we create an array for storing number? is it even possible? do we even have to do it that way? is just creating a variable enough?

Mathew Ingham says:

At 3:20, you said that you don’t need to write 5 to assign the memory because it counts it automatically, why doesn’t this happen with name?? Could you leave the name[ ] blank and have it count it automatically?? Thanks.

P says:

When I do strcpy(food, “bacon”); and then printf food, it prints “tunabacon”. What’s up with that?

Darren Bean says:

Thanks for the tutorial Buzky. But I am getting an error. My code is identical except I use my name (and adjust the number for the array accordingly). But whatever value I put for name[2] = “z” (or “b” or anything), the output on the second line displays a 4 at that position (it reads “da4ren”). Any suggestions to fix this?

Kentastrophe says:

I just got the joke of the title… XD

“Arrays” is like saying “A raise” =P

Jason Heard says:

// Thanks!

Shehwar's Studio says:

hey buddy, I did the thing that is shown here which changes a particular letter in a string but I got a “?” instead of the replacement character that I typed in.

for example taking the video’s example :

my name is “Bu?ky Roberts”

any help is highly appreciated !

Sheikh Spear says:

Man i am using DEV by bloodshed ; it shows an error on
printf(“The best food is %sn” , food);

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