C Programming Tutorial for Beginners 1: Learn Game Programming with C

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Are you interested in programming in C? Our free C programming tutorial is a great place to start for anyone who would like to learn how to program in C.The C Programming language is a great place to start for anyone who would like to learn computer programming. C is relatively easy to learn but can be very powerful While its a much older language and not object oriented, it can be used to develop almost any type of application– including video games. The C programming language has been used in colleges and universities for years and continues to be used all over the world.

Mark Lassoff, of LearnToProgram.TV hosts the program.

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HikikomoriGamer says:

French bracket…

Constantin Schäfer says:

Thanks for helping!!! Great video!!!

Joe Farnelli says:

I learned C a while ago and decided to look at this video and I must say, very well put together. Very well spoken

Mark Plourd says:

My issues are just the same as Brian Burrows exactly , tried over and over to check for mistakes and still the same errors  reported : 4 C:UsersOwnerDesktophello world.chello world.c `helloworld’ undeclared (first use in this function)                          4 C:UsersOwnerDesktophello world.chello world.c syntax error before ‘)’ token 

xXShadowsEdgeXx Gaming says:

Works fine for me, for the most part. Just a general question though. I can compile and run it, but I noticed that if I press enter it will stop the program, and pressing enter again will close the window. On top of that, any other keys such as “a, b, c, etc.) all type into that window.
Is this fine, or should that be different? I was under the impression that once you run it, you will not be able to type and that any key will close the program if you press it once. 

Jake Ambrose says:

why is this series not in your play lists?

Raven Corella says:

That moment when you keep failing because you wrote studio instead of stdio xD 

e r says:

where would i get a compiler that works with codeblocks

Mark Plourd says:

This works when you click Project :


using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    cout << "Hello Mark how are you doing today ?";     getchar();     system("PAUSE");     return EXIT_SUCCESS; }

BuildBench says:

This is all just mumbo jumbo to me I don’t understand

Amana Prateek says:

I checked all spellings….still it says Warning file not compiled help me

Yashneet Pal Singh says:

I just wrote the commands same as told in the tutorial but when i compile and run it my antivirus warns me of the threat “Trojan horse Backdoor.Generic16.bocf”
whats wrong with it?

Raghav garg says:

Thanks !!!

Adam Wood says:

thanks, soooo useful!
(im not being sarcastic if thats what it sounded like btw)

Danial Raffiq says:

isn’t this C++ ??
can you tell me the difference between the C and C++ ?

Hosein Shafie says:

It doesnt compile ! Just something disappear quickly

-BeforeAndAfter- says:

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Jimmy Rustler says:

I did exactly what I saw, and I keep getting “source file not compiled!”
can anyone help?

Mary Black says:

When I run the program it says that there’s no such file or directory called atdio.h; what do I do?

Kysakio says:

It’s used for just about anything. It’s the most common computer language.

Takadanobaba says:


SeKbEs says:

I have a problem when I want to write something in front, the other letters disappear…

Kysakio says:

After buying the course, is it possible to download the videos?

DhaisyMeRollin says:

If you are watching this video , it means that your dream is to be a ”Game programmer” am i right? cause me? Its a BIG YES

Mark Plourd says:

5 C:UsersOwnerDocumentshelloworld.c syntax error before ‘(‘ token 
I followed the instruction you gave , they look just like yours , but *Hello Mark* wasn’t in red as yours and this above is what I got when clicking Compile and Run 

Just Fisting My Loli says:

it works for windows 7?

Sean Ciminello says:

When I compile and run it tells me that my source file was not compiled. How do i fix this?

CosmicMatt says:

I need help, after making the program i couldn’t delete the .exe file and i have tried restarting my system but it always says it’s open in system.

Raghav garg says:

Kindly tell me about the compiler . Dev C compiler cant be used on windows 7 32 bit . I currently have turbo C++ compiler but I didnt find it gud enough.

Brian Burrows says:

I would like some help. I’ve followed what was done in the video but when I go to run it a warring window pop’s up saying that the source file is not compiled even when I press compile and run command. also if I just use the compile button it say it done but when I then try to run it it’s not compiled.

נתנאל אברהם says:

You are great!

11swallowedinthesea says:

Correction: getchar();

Semi-colon at the end.

Skyler W says:

this doesn’t work on my computer : (

Johnwesley Appy says:


Maddy says:

No picture clarity!!!!!

Kai says:

it won’t let me compile & run. it won’t let me click on it

lalu prasad says:

i type like printf(“hello world”); then i clicked on compile and run, then that show red 
mark on printf(“hello world”);like this . what can i do ?

marineman54 says:

Lol this just opened my eyes! Now I understand some of the mumbo jumbo I been seeing. Im excited!

HikikomoriGamer says:

Thanks !

Necro miner says:


printf(“hello world”)

DevFactor says:

If anyone is interested in a Java alternative, we are publishing a Java Game Dev tutorial on DevFactor right now 🙂 Using some brand new 2015 Java features too!

11swallowedinthesea says:

05:37 add getchar()

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