C Programming Tutorial for Beginners 3 (Part 1): Programming in C with Strings and Char Data Type

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C Programming Tutorial for Beginners 3 (Part 1): Programming in C with Strings and Char Data Type: Game Programming Series

This is part I of a two part video.

The C Programming language is a great place to start for anyone who would like to learn computer programming. C is relatively easy to learn but can be very powerful While its a much older language and not object oriented, it can be used to develop almost any type of application– including video games. The C programming language has been used in colleges and universities for years and continues to be used all over the world.

This series will continue through the basics of C programming and teach C for the creation of simple video games. The Gameboy Advance platform will be used later in the course.

To do this tutorial yourself you’ll need to download a C compiler and editor. LearnToProgram.TV recommends Dev C++ by Bloodshed.

This third C Programming Tutorial Video will show you how to use the char data type, get input from the user and use strings. In addition two string functions are discussed.

Mark Lassoff, of LearnToProgram.TV hosts the program. Lassoff is a professional programming trainer and has been in the field for ten years. For more information and videos, please visit https://learntoprogram.tv/&src=YOUTUBE

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Master Bait Tour says:

my name is not mark.

raymongulati2011 says:

Lets just say that your video’s are giving me an advantage over other university students…

young sam says:

why not just write main() instead of void main() and int main()?

Aaron Lowry says:

gets() is a much better tool at gathering string than scanf()

RandAlThor says:

why not using scanf to save instead getchar?

Maddss Horario says:

try using net beans

Joseph Pla says:

If i’m not mistaken, void returns 0 no matter what. It has to return cause thats the architecture of pretty much any system. I hope i’m correct 😛

-BeforeAndAfter- says:

Hey i am a channel that doesnt get many subscribers likes, comments, or even views please come check out some of my videos they are techno related like how to get gameboy advanced for ios and how to bypass blocked apps with notepad

MsAmz0000 says:

i use the software in this tutorial and it will compile but then nothing when i hit run…can anyone help please? i am a total beginner (as in yesterday) please help!

Indrit Skëndaj says:

in my school i ve learned void main(void) … why? somebody please explain whats the difference… :/

CroX says:

thats C++ omg

Shoaib Akbar says:

you use int main because at the end of every program it is supposed to return an int. Generally at the end of the int main function u would write return 0;

SubDaGamer says:

the getchar(); is a mistake on my

winnie damayo says:

gerchar.. awesome..

ilyas says:

Fuck mum

Daniel Hauser says:

Holy shit. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Go back to your fucking Java!!

Zack Campbell says:

oh thank god for you comment. I was having the same problem. I did the exact same thing lol

minou says:

At 7mins, why did he use %s?

shanequeenan says:

Why do you think so, Explain your answer

bilarion says:

Of course man.

c99tutorial says:

Technically int main() is correct, because main() must return an int to the environment. In Windows you can type echo %ERRORLEVEL% at a command prompt to see this int value after running a program.

NeilFX says:

You use return; on void main(void) while in int main(void) you return 0;

surlysmiles says:

please get a better mic dude.

Josh McGillivray says:

@RomanNumural9 nvm i’m a retard, i forgot the semicolon on the line above :3

Yuval Zecharia says:

how do you make the lines number a the font to be bigger?

Joseph Pla says:

Its important for the lower-level system to be able to know the outcome of the exit of the program. Returning an int value allows the system to be able to act accordingly. Hope that helps 🙂

Josh McGillivray says:

i’m 100% new to any programming so, if you read this please ‘dumb down’ your answer, but when i run it the line: printf(“Your name is %s”, userName); turns red and a mini x appears beside it, what did i do wrong and what does it turning red mean?

Shabir Ahmadzai says:

Was really useful tutorial  

harsh lokwani says:

int means integer..it means it will return a integer value and void mean it will not return any value

ZachValkyrie says:

Type me like one of your french brackets!

Hop Music says:

How might I get the nice little numbering of the lines of code on the left? Mine’s simply a black bar

James Roberts says:

my lines of code are the same as his, but I have to press enter after I have inputted a character. Why?

Fotis Stavri says:

man i really thank you,you are THE COD OF PROGRAMMING,i love your channel

Swiftyyyy says:

I love your videos, they’re great!

Aaron Lowry says:

Gets () is able to understand and use the space that people may put between their first and last names where as scanf doesn’t. As soon as scanf comes across a “space” from the keyboard it assumes your done and carries on

iamdatdude1619 says:

hay jem did your question ever get answered?
I to would like to know why is the int main(void) isn’t used.

Faizul Haque Nayan says:

Very helpful blog for C programmer


iamdatdude1619 says:

thanks ed.Yea I think so to but one person said that when you put void it returns nothing.I guess that would be great for if sensor stuff or sometime of monitor system.

Kunn Cassie says:

how to enter words in the loop? can s1 help me?

Eddie Raymond says:

hes probably following a coding standard, it does the same thing but im pretty sure its just preference

OmegaHutch says:

I entered M and it said i selected v. im confused…

David Mclean says:

you could just flush it using fflush(stdin)

two getchar is not needed.

Hoàng Trần Minh says:

describe your faces when you first watched 2:45

BeatboxKentMusic says:

Void main is just voiding the return to the main. its actually the same to int main but the void’s job thing is not to return when not needed. I’m a freshman in C too but I think my comment is correct. –” I hope it’s correct. somebody correct me lol.

Kieran Hammond says:

whats the different between c and c++

Maddss Horario says:

Dev C++… or sometimes it’s referred as Bloodshed. It’s great to work with but for it’s great to start working with Net Beans if your still beginning with the C programming language

Jeff Allen says:

C++ is derived from C, and they share a lot of similarities. A huge simplification would be to say that C++ is an object oriented version of C, although there are other differences as well

Justin Cooke says:

Couldnt you just use scanf()

Anish Sujanani says:

Whatever you’re used to I guess 🙂

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