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Easy to follow step by step C# programming tutorial
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In 4.5 hrs you will learn all the important concepts of C# and Object Oriented Programming, each explained using small simple programs. The teaching method used, will be the easiest way to learn C Sharp, that you will ever find.


nirav amin says:

Absolutely  brilliant…!! thank u so much sir.

Muhammad Inam ul Haq says:

I think the best tutorial that I have seen so far. Thanks a lot!

ChàiM-aé Mimi says:

thank u so much it’s pretty clear and easy to understand .

krishna chaitanya says:

Really the world’s Simplest way to Learn C# Concepts with really Lay man understandable examples… Thank you very much Patrick

Nahuel Ezequiel says:

I luv u

Chris Cook says:

Great video! This has been a great refresher for me but I am new to visual studios and c#. I agree with the other comments 100%, you are a great teacher. You are able to clearly explain the concepts and I like how you repeat yourself to really let the knowledge sink in. Wish you taught the programming courses at my college when I was learning to code.


This is great video. thanks a lot u have open something in my mind. once again Thank u

Shay Berthelson says:

I really appreciate your videos. I purchased the whole package. I have watched many tutorial videos and subscribe to a couple of education sites on coding. Your explanations were more understandable and helped me finally grasp some of the more difficult concepts. I normally stay in the .net world, but look forward to your Java tutorial. Thanks again.

Meena Babu says:

Very nice Tutorial. The way of teaching is really good. Must watch…

freerunnerparkour1 says:

This is one of the most informative programming video I’ve ever seen. I’ve learned about 10x more in this video then an entire year of software development class.

बन अतिक्रमण says:

Many of teacher taught me. I am being serial clicked by patrick. Thank you very much.

manish sawant says:

thanks…..U make my life easy.

Juju Apples says:

This was brilliant! I was so lost with C#. This sure helps a lot. Thank you so much!

Justin Powers says:

Thank you so much for these videos, I just started learning C# and Java(college courses) and was struggling in both to even attempt to write my own code. Thanks for the very clear and refreshing view on programming!

Saleem Ullah 1234567890. says:

very nice.good teaching method

tony francis says:

Thanks Patrick, this is the best video I have every watched on C#

Chris HF says:

Amazing tutorial, the only good one i found on youtube 🙂

Mostafa Golam says:

I have bought the C# entire videos then really it is awesome and easily understanding. Thank you sir for your honestly helping!


I am a Computer Science graduate from a prestigious university in my country. I purchased the complete package and watched the videos. This material is by far the BEST and EASIEST way to learn and review programming. The author gives “very accurate” information; and is very generous to share his deep knowledge in programming. The world needs a man like you, SIR!!! < *HATS OFF TO YOU*>

N3PatHYA says:

You course has had helped me a lot to land on a job. I would like to see more lectures on dot Net .

Jim Plimmer says:

Most tutorials talk too much about stuff not related to coding, which makes me bored and demotivated, however your tutorial is straight to the point and quick to grasp.

Your an OG!

Mathieu Rossignol says:

You are a very great teacher and I appreciate your work very much. Thank you

Ian Russell says:

You are the best thank you very much

Syed Aziz says:

I find this  video so easy to understand 🙂 Thanks alot !!!! Respect Sir !!!! 

Student test a says:

This is one of the best tutorials ever! I will be sure to credit you when I make programs.

Meetu Thakur says:

One of the best tutorials ever.. I am speechless.. You are just amazing..

Panayot Angarev says:

Many thanks for this very useful tutorial 🙂

Samy N says:

You are amazing, God bless you and Thank you.

ClarkTheCoder says:

Thanks for these tutorials they are fantastic.

chandu .p says:

Really superb… No Words .. Amazing Tutorial … Purchased the whole package… This video helps me a lot … and understanding the concepts with clear picture … The way u linked with the concept and the sample project is really superb … Thanks u very much …

Nagabhushan M V says:

Mesmerizing !!! Nicest tutorial ever seen… Awesome work.. Thanks a ton @Patrick 

Erwin Deguinon says:

I enjoy this Thank you

Upama Sandapani says:

Thank u a lot great work. Appreciate your teaching style.Understood well what you explained. 

Vasanth M.V says:

I bought the entire package.
great conceptual explanation.
waiting for more such videos.
Teaching world is a better place with people like you!
Thank you.

Raja Sekhar Karnatapu says:

Absolutely this was brilliant video tutorial. I loved it. Thank you very much sir.

W2bst2r says:

i’v watched many videos about class and constructors and still don’t get them i come her and i understand the concept instantly you’ve such a great talent to explain things smoothly keep going!!

BFHC says:

Thanks for the video. I just completed the full C# programming video (4.5 hrs). Well done, Patrick.

AGL says:

Man this helped me so much more than any other video i have watched so far. Thank you!


I just wanted to start off by saying that  I think so far you are one of the best teachers for explaining coding. I am coming from a C coding background in embedded systems (Using Sequential programming only) and was struggling with the transition to Object Oriented Programming. This made it extremely clear. I was so impress with how you explained things in this demo video, I purchased the full video set and so far have not been disappointed. However, I wanted to point out an issue I found in the video tutorials. In Day_3 of C# around 8:45minutes in, you changed the employee array name to emps, however, you make no mention of this change. I caught it, but I think others might not realize what happened. Just wanted to point that out. If I find anything else I will post it here. But GREAT job. I have been looking at all sorts of tutorials for the last week and this is the first I have found that clearly explains each section and gets straight to the point. And I LOVE how you point out common questions and specify what is or is not important to pay attention to for that specific section. A few times you said “Now you might be thinking…” and it was exactly what I was asking myself lol.

Malcs says:

I just finished the C# course.  As a long term programmer, who has not spent much time in C#, I really found this to be a great summary of the language concepts.  Experienced programmers can let the five hours of video run without stopping it very often, and still learn all of the important concepts.  Even though Patrick does have an accent, his thought process is very clear.  His presentation, and frequent recaps of information, are right on the money.  Well worth the money if you care about picking up another programming language quickly.

Izo says:

You are the best Instructor i have ever seen, i never done programming except markup language but am happy and bold as C# programmer thanks so much Teacher, if you have the same videos about python please alert me .

Lin El says:

This is was such an awsome help to me during my c# class. Thank you!

Akshay Nara says:

Your way of Explanation is best on youtube.

Dara omer says:

Dear Patrick, This tutorial was the best tutorial I have ever watched, it really helped me to understand some concepts in classes and oop, thank you for your effort, is there a followed second video to continue as you mentioned at the end of this video.

Eric Armstrong says:

good job. well-communicated. I especially appreciated your equating classes to the headings of a two-dimensional table.

A. Senior says:

Very thorough and clear explanation! Really helped me a TON with reviewing my knowledge in C#. thank you so much.
You explained a lot of details, yet it was not too slow.

T'ai says:

The extra videos are incredibly good, thoughtful, well explained and constant reviews of the sections studied. Has changed my appreciation of programming OOP, or otherwise, much less scary now. Well worth the investment, Java and ASP.NET next then MVC, then…… Make me some apps, Windows Phone, iPhones and Les Androids

Shadow's Russ says:

Hey brother, you rock.  Great examples clearly explained.

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