C++ Programming

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Data Types : 2:40
Arithmetic : 6:02
If Statement : 9:19
Switch Statement : 12:01
Ternary Operator : 13:08
Arrays : 13:49
For Loop : 16:30
While Loop : 17:56
Do While Loop : 19:42
User Input : 20:27
Convert String : 20:56
Strings : 21:39
Vectors : 27:47
Functions : 30:16
Recursive Function : 32:37
File I/O : 34:57
Exception Handling : 38:38
Pointers : 40:02
Reference Operator : 40:25
Classes / Objects : 47:12
Private : 47:55
Static Variables : 48:21
Public / Encapsulation: 49:02
Constructors : 50:42
Static Functions : 51:46
this : 53:16
Inheritance : 57:29
Call Superclass Constructor : 59:14
Execute Static Method : 1:00:34
Virtual Methods : 1:02:45
Polymorphism : 1:07:39
Abstract Data Type : 1:08:29


Raju Kulo says:

Can you cover about friend function?

nameoo non says:

I should have found it earlier!!!!!!!

Nathan Breunig says:

Coming from Java, I have to say the syntax of C++ is very similar

Stephen Nehrbass says:

I first learned python first and this video explained C++ at just the right speed. Almost all other tutorials went so slow that I wanted to give up on C++. Thank you for a quality tutorial

Robert Sherree says:

Nice Video !
Could you PLEASE make a c++ tutorial on any of the Processes and Thread Functions https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms684847(v=vs.85).aspx
( maybe: SetProcessAffinityMask Function > https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms686223(v=vs.85).aspx).Your video helped me run this


int main() {
BOOL WINAPI SetProcessAffinityMask(
_In_ HANDLE hProcess,
_In_ DWORD_PTR dwProcessAffinityMask
return 0;


which returns :
The program ‘[12400] ConsoleApplication3.exe’ has exited with code 0 (0x0).

I cant get my head around how to use this/these functions properly and if i am even doing it correctly, there is no videos anywhere showing beginners like me any visual examples of any Processes and Thread Function/s with c++,Anywhere!
 Please if you have some spare time i am sure it would take you 5 minutes a lot of people would want to see this. It would help me understand c++ properly also.Thanks

Сип Офишл says:

i dont undrstand anything

Lazar Yanya says:

Educational video. I’ll have to watch it all again later. Thanks.

nabil ali says:

i do wetad for over

Elias Pirayesh says:

Thanks so much for the video. I watched your video on python before and went on to do a medium sized project using Python totally based on what I had learned from your video. I have a great feeling about this video as well.

Again, many thanks!

Shiny Coding says:

BRUH! I have been watching episode by episode tutorials by another youtuber, and each episode was at least 15 minutes long. In 7 MINUTES, you told me 2 episodes of what I already knew in 30 minutes of the 2 episodes. In case you don’t know what I mean, I could have saved 23 minutes and watched this instead of that other video. Thank you!

K evin says:

Watched it all! Got lost towards the end but C++ is new to me. (edit: pointers: 40:25, classes: 47:14)
Learning Python has helped me understand this. Thanks!

Vienna Chan says:

Thank you so much for making this video. I have an assignment due in C++ but I only know Java and a little bit of C so this helped me a bunch!

john mcmanus says:

4 errors with the first code I’m not wasting an hour of my life

Cube Talk says:

Fetuses can drive

Albin B says:

I watched the whole thing bro

irenee2222 says:

Thanks Derek!

Our Mine says:

Thx now I can go to jail for hacking NASA xD

Joseph Faulkner says:

Watched the whole thing, the second language I’ve learned. Thank you for this fast and entertaining video.

Ruhan Chopra says:

The Video was amazing but i have a question:Why was it only displayin’ case 2?

StraightEdgeSoldier[X] says:

I watched the whole video. I really liked the bits about pointers and the bits about OOP. great video! (excalmation point, not the not operator ;p)

Luglige says:

Man this video is great!

Travis Braud says:

Thanks for taking your time to make this video!

Jang Hyeon Choi says:

19:07 How do you get a 0 as an output if rand() generates numbers from 0-99 and you add 1?

Cookie UK says:

How do you get the command line console in the latest notepad ++ ? Not in plugins and no icon? Thanks

Helpinghand97 says:

Still come back to this video to jog my memories of c++

Zeyuan Hu says:

Hello Derek! Awesome video overall! However, I do feel a little rushed towards the end of the video. I think it will be super helpful if you explain the various ways you initialize a new object like: what’s difference between “Dog spot” and “Dog dog = new Dog();” and “Dog spot(39,18,”spot”);”. I would be deeply appreciated if you can record another video to dive into the CPP class concept.

Again, I want to deeply thank you for this video. Thanks!

David Michael Bryant says:

These videos are great for comparing languages! Thank you!

Angus xon says:

Subcribe me anybody and comment I will subcribe back

Pickens Incorporated says:

This is really great so far as I have gotten through it, coming from higher level languages. But ahhh you mispronounced “Euler” so 2/10 haha

DepressedNOF says:

I watched most of it. I know C (c99) well.
But after we (were forced to) learn Java in university and because I’m used to OOP from PHP I dicided I want to get my applications to the next level with C++.
Was a good wrap around the basics.
Thank you.

Pengull says:

Deeek Banas.

Proshanta Emon PEP says:


Adrian Boca says:

Awesome! Thank you! 10/10

Ka Boom says:

do you have videos on 3d graphics ?

Michael Marre says:

Thanks for this video. Helped a lot!

Shivan Bhararia says:

You’re awesome!

reyou7 says:

Great video Derek, thanks a ton! People who are on Windows can run these examples without hassle with VS 2017 community edition which is totally free.


They just need to install Visual Studio with C++ packages, and they are all set. I found myself to use other tools a little cumbersome to run C++. Hope this helps.

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