C# Tutorial for Beginners: Learn C# from Scratch

Master the fundamentals of C# and .NET using this simple, pragmatic and step-by-step tutorial for beginners. With C# you can build mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps and games.

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00:00 Introduction
02:16 Difference between C# and .NET
03:07 CLR
05:21 Architecture of .NET Applications
07:52 Your First C# App
18:45 Variables and Constants
27:24 Overflowing
29:34 Scope
30:33 Demo of Variables and Constants
42:40 Type Conversion
47:30 Demo of Type Conversion
57:43 Operators

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Shaun Roos says:

Great video!!!

sliiiimjim says:

Well structured and informative video, essential viewing for anyone wanting to get started with C#. Thanks!

Julian Hill says:

There is no app.config for me

fera fera says:

Hi Mosh !
at 38:16
i have put the cursor on the word var holded crtl and pressed click nothing happened?

Retro Gaming - Clash Of Clans says:

how am I suppose to learn from this things well idk ive watched many but I cant learn it from this types of videos but I learned java easily and html

Andy heron says:

did you ever release the next video to this Mosh? 🙂

Tyler Schmidt says:

wow even just in the first six minutes, this is one of the most clear and concise explanations of programming in general I’ve seen. Bravo good sir!!!

dranenko says:

Please do avideo about “Bite wise, roiented to API”

Sushen Sharma says:

i thoght BABA SEHGAL is teaching c#.net

Yusra Khan says:

Best tutorial ever! Thank you so much!

Adnane Arrassen says:

c sharp free book
password adonane123

xiomzorua dkdjdjdj says:

/- ugh i hate C#so much my lectorors just confuse me with it and exams are gonna be horrible pretty unlikly im gonna pass just the coding section of game design at this point

Vinod bhagat says:

so i need do that i want to know is it passible to invoke right click after catching particular text or unique text and click it??? if it is possible please suggest me..

any help is appriciated.. thank you!!!

Tech Tip's Trick's And Hack's says:

Great Post
Thanks a lot it helped me a lot
I am also going to share it to my friends and over my social media.
Hackr.io is a great platform to find and share the best tutorials and they have a specific page for C#

This might be useful to your readers: https://hackr.io/tutorials/learn-c-sharp

peter clarke says:

What do you mean by an integral number?

Pablo Hernández says:

Hello everyone,

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jeric lloyd labay says:

thank you! this is a good start for me. im in vb6 before and im planning to(i already move) move in C#.

andy3109 says:

This was awesome and super clear. Thanks so much!

Saeed Hashemi says:

thank u for teaching us in dark mode

ButtKick says:

Can I get the slide, please?

Carlo Villamor says:

What application is he using and where can I download it?

knowlegde learn it says:

i didnt like the tutourial i loved it

KatyPeezy says:

Which version of visual studio should I use for this? and why didn’t you specify which version? I tried to compile something from git hub and it required 2015… was really annoying.

2,094,461 views says:

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Check out https://www.fiverr.com/ritroproj/do-in-depth-bug-analyzing-and-fixes-of-your-application


A small step in coding but a Great Leap for coding in C#

Mega Motorcyclop says:

Holy snap never thought ill go through this video in one sitting but you’re so great at teaching! that I managed to do so

Carlo Villamor says:

What application is he using and where can I download it?

James Rockford says:

you really shouldn’t have convoluted this tutorial with re-sharper references

the lokotako says:

i need help.. i opened visual studio 2015 and i opened a new project, and made it a console application… the problem is.. im not able to type anything in and nothing shows up? help?

Work Out says:

Such a brilliant instructor you are!!

JJK's Channel says:

Thanks for making this video…
It’s very helpful…..

Julius de Blaaij says:

I loved this video!

2000Betelgeuse says:

Very poor explanation, people don’t waste your time here

Harsha's Python Guide says:

Thank for clarifying !!

Especially about CLR , Assembly , Namespaces , Using Keyword etc..,

Ravindu Amarathunga says:

please release a full video. waiting for it. your explanations are very clear. waiting for you to release the other topics of c#

lionsareus says:

At ~37:46 object browser is opened. I’m guessing that VS2015 is being used here, this doesn’t work in VS2017. I couldn’t get it to open, anyway.

Michael Kyle says:

Only 5 minutes in and I can already tell this is going to be hugely helpful to learn C# and the concepts of programming. Great work!

Pink Lady says:

I just subscribed. Thanks for tutorial.

frew gelie says:

I am interested on this tutorial video thank you for all contribution .

infoinput says:

i recommend to learn vb and then change to c# after a few years. both languages are quiet same but vb is a little bit easier 😉

Now You Know says:

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