C# Tutorial

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User input 02:26
Data Types 03:11
Math 06:30
Casting 07:56
If 10:12
Ternary Operator 12:34
Switch / Break / Continue 13:17
While 14:45
Do While 17:00
For Loop 18:32
Foreach 19:37
Strings Functions 20:48
Formatting Strings 29:12
StringBuilder 31:30
Array Functions 33:42
Lists 41:03
Exception Handling 45:06
Classes & Objects 48:14
Getters & Setters 49:00
Constructors 50:48
Static 52:49
Class Methods 54:30
Overloading Methods 57:13
Object Initializer 59:04
Inheritance 59:29
Call Superclass Methods 1:00:17
Override Class Methods 1:01:38
Ploymorphism / Abstract Class 1:03:16
Interfaces 1:04:46
Operator Overloading 1:08:05
Generics 1:11:43
Enums 1:15:22
Structs 1:16:56
Anonymous Methods 1:19:07
Lambda Expressions 1:21:02
File I/O 1:23:29

After many requests, finally I finished my learn C# in one video tutorial. I cover a ton in this tutorial including : User input,Data Types, Math, Casting, If, Switch, Ternary Operator, While, Do While, For Loops, Foreach, Strings, Formatting Strings, StringBuilder, Arrays, Lists, Exception Handling, Converting to Data Types, Classes, Objects, Getters, Setters, Constructors, Static, Overloading Methods, Object Initializer, Inheritance, Calling Superclass Methods, Overriding Class Methods, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Generics, Enums, Structs, Anonymous Methods, Lambda Expressions, File I/O and more.


Kalle says:

LOVE IT! Short and sweet 🙂

HoonsTube says:

C# makes me horny

frank elly says:

wow! so nice thank you for opening my mind…!!

Tamamo Ai says:

trying to learn im too slow . Ultra mega beginner. i dont understand it just a little..

Scott D'Arcy says:

When I press f5 to run the code, all I get is the debug report. I can’t get the actual console to appear. help???


does any one know the difference between this version ofvisual studios copaired to the version is out today, becuae every time I try to execute a program it does In a window called “c# iteractive” where I can’t actually add new formation, or if I use he start button, as soon as the code as reached the last step it will instantly close. Like dong the “whats your name” one, as soon as I put my name I would close instantly, I can only assumed that it showed the last part but it closes so fast that I couldn’t see it.

also now that I watched the entier video I not entirely sure what to try and code or how to fit everything I learned an create something out of it

Osama's Jihad says:

I have just watched 4 mins of the video and I have so many questions.

Flying High says:

This is like you showed up to a new job but didn’t know anything about programming in C#, and they said, “Don’t worry. Derek will walk you through it.” LOL.

JD Cano says:

Ok havent ended but Ive got a question, why your console automatically goes to “Press Key To Continue”?
I need to put always the Console.ReadLine(); so i can see what i compile or it autocloses :/

Stian Sapiens says:

Great crash course of features.

M Shajeeh Mustafa says:

Good video to learn C# in no time. Can you please upload another video similar to this on WPF using C# and xaml.

Travro says:

And to think I was about to by a book on C# as an intermediate student

Jorgidan 92 says:

Uff I hate programming..

The Unfit donkey says:

Nice video! I have a few questions about c# and visual studio. One, get; and set; can i put anything else in the {} instead of get and set. Two, Can i make my own if statement kind of thing for example i would like to have a reapeat((times)) {
} where i can control whether whatever in the curly brackets happens or not. Three, Is there a way for stringvar.OnlyContains(new char[] {‘1′,’0’}) so i don’t have to put in every other character. Four, How do i put different programs in different tabs on visual studio.

Jelena says:

So how do I execute?

Johannes Haukland says:

When would you use do-while instead of while? Is it basically for more easily readability in some cases or am i missing something?

Yongsang Jeon says:

thanks. it is useful tutorial

fat cunt says:

my console closes right when i start it

Jing Z. says:

Best C# tutorial, quick, clear and fully covered!

Jordan Holleman says:

11:30, 50 years old and still in highschool? lol great video though 🙂

Psychedellyfish says:

Trying to do half a year of c# lessons in a week, this video is a really big help and actually makes it possible

Swapneel Ghosh says:

This tutorial is brilliant. Hands down the best. Thanks a lot man. 🙂

Pablo Hernández says:

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I invite you all to join the supergroup where you can ask your questions, or help the other members fix their coding problems by providing with accurate answers.

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Borys Kagramanov says:


thedutch diamondgameplay says:

I cant find the console application

Xiaobin Wei says:

Thank you very much. The tutorial is just great!

Kurtis says:

Appreciated this tutorial! Haha of course in the last part we’re jamming in Abstract Classes, Generics, Enumerated Types, Delegates, Anonymous Classes, Lambda Expressions… but you bit off such a huge chunk of the whole concept!

Haven’t used C# in a while? This is the place I’ll be coming to brush up.

Tiago Peralta says:

3:08 When I press enter it leaves the console. Any help?

samuel kamau says:

whenever i Console.Writeline(“”); am not getting any output what can be problem?

Bog Tastic says:

Thanks – that was really useful. A lot of ground covered – I may have to dip back in a few times…

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