C/C++ Graphics Tutorial 25 | How to Make Digital Clock

In this video, I am going to teach you how to make digital clock.


Mono Me says:

The prgm bugs and i have this warning:
deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’
from the line: initgraph(&gd, &gm, “C:\TC\BGI”);

chandan adittyo says:

initgraph(&gd, &gm, “C:\TC\BGI”); its showing no such files or directory why???

A _T2 says:

i can not use graphic header

Arkan jawher says:

where is code

Borislav Gridnev says:

Doesn’t work.

using namespace std;

int main()
time_t rawTime;
struct tm * currentTime;
char a[100];
rawTime = time(NULL);
strftime (a, 100,”%I:%M:%S”, currentTime);
settextstyle (3, HORIZ_DIR, 10);
outtextxy(200,100, a);


Says: Graphics.exe has stopped working and closes.

SmithsRichard says:

love it

Afreen Fatema Zaidi says:

sir I want to make circle and line when circle touch the line then circle should stop there ,please tell the programming

msd 21 says:

im having an error as “unreachable code” nd output screen is not seen

Thavraklsh Nop says:

Thank you! Can you give code source,please!

Khaqan Nadeem says:

Error : no such directory as graphics.h

Mahamadou Kone says:


Валентин Митев says:

hi guys. I have to make a digital flip clock, does someone have an idea how can i do it ?

Mohamed Mlayah says:

how to use red green and blue color?

Surajmehra says:

perfect music, amazing content, cool presentation

motta siva says:

Can u plz reply all the codes of it plz

hongly va says:

Can u upload a source ?

Alagie Singhateh says:

hello how are i really enjoy the video if you don’t mind you can send me the full code via my email 3939919@gmail.com

Mahamadou Kone says:

but after all, thaks a lot for all this helpful videos 🙂

Shiran Prasath says:

Could you share the code here?

Aman Sharma says:

your codes are not working there ar many errors in your code
error : rawtime was not declared in this scope
error : settexstyle was not declared in this scope

Green grass says:

Cod ki link to dediya kro

ART says:

Can I change background color?

Tutorials says:

interesting 🙂

Himanshu Tyagi Arya says:

sir plzzz send me this codes in my mail i really need this please sir help me … my mail is “”” himanshutyagi496469@gmail.com“”

Vimal Aditya says:

that soundtrack made me get into sleep …although nice work broo

Taw Gmjones says:

Which Software are you using?


you did n’t specify
how you use the while loop

mohit ankoliya says:

please solve localTime was not declare in this sope is my error pease solve

Ethio Vids says:

i got a warning saying “deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings]”

raja singh says:

sir, I have a problem in this program. my digital clock updated only 3 times after than clock is not updating while I used while loop

phạm hieu says:

thank you very much !

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