C++Tutorial for Beginners 78 – Static Creating Libraries

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This is a tutorial on how to create static libraries using the C++ programming language. In this video I show you how to create a static library of reusable code with Eclipse CDT, but the same concepts apply to other IDEs too.


Konkey Donk says:

yay, john, you are back!!

Daniel G C says:

Good to hear “happy coding” again, haha

vasanth0x55tube says:

Really useful tutorial…

Yeeson Yu says:

Finally I complete all your tutorials while a few might be rewatched to refresh my mind in future. But I do learn a lot from your tutorial.

However I just wonder, how can I use xcode to build a library as you did by eclipse?

Also I wonder how can I generate a real program that is executable by other computer even without any specific library to support to program to run successfully?

Sinead Tbc says:

John, thank you for these tutorials. Can you direct me to your java android course pls?

foday S says:

Hey everybody how did you’ll learn and got the hang of a programming language because when I look at it and write it all I see are symbols, letters and words.
How do I make sense of it all?

plezx29 says:

How do you right click on the Mac mouse? They normally have only one button

SeemZify says:

wow, welcome back John, wathing your andriod courses right now, best teacher ever

Thomas Wild says:

New microphone? Sounds great! 🙂

Heyloo TV says:

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John Purcell says:

Thanks to everyone who left comments so far! I hadn’t realised I had been away from YouTube so long! I plan to upload some sample videos from my advanced C++ course too, and then probably my entire Java Android course (which is a bit old but serviceable, and now free!)

Phenylalanin1979 says:

So good to have you back John. You have been missed mate 😀

kourosh s says:

thank you for the tutorials,
so… the c++ tutorial ends here?

RepentHarlequin says:

yess!!!! I have awaiting your return, time to get my learning on

ZeroClaw says:

Thank you for the video! Helped a lot.

Kevin Johnson says:

John, Great segment and enjoyed the English perspective.

Steve Lim says:

John, I think your email is not valid as I can’t send an email to you. Also can you please add a one click download to your courses.

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