Data types, Constants and Variables – C Programming Tutorial 05

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In this tutorial, we have explained the concepts of constants and variables in programming as means to store and represent data. We have also talked about basic or primitive data types already defined in ‘C’ language.

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Marzia Eliza says:

thanks so much this vedio is very helpful

anshuman aditya says:

why do we use “a=%d” instead of directly declaring printf”a=12″

dela vago says:

always an indian accent sigh. anyway great video i give props.

MONISH S says:

awesome!!!! can grasp the concepts quickly by watching these videos
 than reading from books….

chandan singh says:

great Vid

Rudra Gandhi says:

why do i get answer as a rather than 12
plz help


When I done C language many years ago in Open University I was some what lost, thinking what the hell is going on and never thought going back to it, but now after watching your videos it feel good, well presented and running at a good pace, keep it up.

manoj kumar says:

why we should not to use
turbo c ?????????

Muneera Unnisa says:

u r very gud teacher…i appreciate ur help sir..thanks lot..i want more lesson on java programming.

Sonia Velez says:

I can’t even explain how I am understanding you in your videos, its like omg I’m getting it. The teacher that I have in my java class I can’t even understand what she is talking about. Thanks to your video I’m getting it now 🙂


Sir please upload video using of qulifiers with exmp.

silver edge says:

good for beginners

Tarush Singh says:

Doing B.Tech in CS… And to be very honest, “C” to me felt like that what the hell am I doing in this branch… But after going through your videos I feel confident in this branch and I am doing well in it… 
Please come up with more such videos…

Smit Shah says:

Superb videos with clear explanation

hassan naseer says:

where is the second series of videos?

dashanjot singh says:

Sir i want to learn how to design a program.I know all looping and decsion making but how i use in program in simple way.I am not able to design program in first try. Please help

don Sankar says:

sir could you upload the next videos

nil esh says:

Good to understand

Raviteja Kalahasthi says:

Where can i get the second series of videos…eagerly waiting man 🙁

Deven Shah says:

can somebody tell me whats the next video after it.., Thank you

Subrina Akter says:

good job bro tnx for ur beatiul video

abhinav chaubey says:

#god sir ……..keep………going……..;

Varun Malik says:

Excellent!!! 10/10

Star Panda says:

what is double for?

AYBIN. V. K says:


Samra Khan says:

I’m taking Intro to Programming w/ C at my university right now and I felt so lost. After watching these videos, I feel so much better. You explain the material with such clarity, thank you! 🙂

Shivani Kumari says:

What is data how can store instructions in data

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