How to Create and Run a C++ Program in Visual Studio 2017


Joaquim Jesus says:

i’m sorry, but do you have a nice video, too, for create a Visual C++ programs?(i’m mean where we can add buttonsframestext boxes and others controls)
thank you so much.

Eva Kusmita says:

Hi, Deborah!
I can’t find the “empty project” in Visual C++, I use Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015.

Can you help me?

IC 1101 says:

Thank you.

Sara Sh says:

Where can I get to add a source file because it dosent give me the option how to add to the source file?

Ikhelef Hanane says:

Thank you soo much for this huge help.

Mohsin Azhar says:

i have my visual studio 2015 ,but when i go to start work with c++ then the visual studio cannot give me option to start with c++?
any solution
or i download it again

Vyylandra says:

Thanks. Because of this video, its the first time that im getting c++ right.

Edward Castillo says:

Thank you for helping get my Hello World program running on Visual Studio 2017!

Abdullah Bakir says:

Thanks =)

trickery101mags says:

Mine keeps saying that there were build errors. I did everything in the video and double checked the spelling but it still won’t work.

Leon Rust says:

its comes 9 errors why ?

Mathe für Dummköpfe says:

thank you very much. your explanation was very helpful to me.

Jamshaid Akhtar says:

Its outstanding demostration , i really appriciate her

Sultan Alhammadi says:

for some reason, I coludn’t find visual c++ ? I don’t know how to resolve the issue

لطلب المونتاج says:


TheAmatuerSneakerHead says:

I keep getting the same to errors. LNK2005 and LNK1169 I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Please help.

Joe Carmona says:

Thank you for the interesting video!

Robert Butler says:

Hi! Thank you for your demo! You make it simple and easy to follow. I believe that I am copying your demo correctly, but while I get an executable file, I don’t get an output window. There is a flash, like a window popped up, but it doesn’t stay open. Any suggestions?

bjbjb450 says:

iam here to learn visual c++ instead this garbage console

Imagine_Big says:

THANK YOU. This was a very good tutorial!

Eitan Arbel says:

pff… it’s 2018 and still need to deal with case sensitive bullshit in a computer language…

Faisal Khan says:

Its actually #include

Andi BLEH says:

I don’t have all the different language options or even the “empty project” option….so I picked my only option “blank project” and I on’t even have any folders in the solution explorer??….

Umair Younis says:

Thanks a lot, very nicely explained each and everything regarding the running of a program at very basic level. It helped me a lot. Thank you 🙂

MIDNightPT4 says:

Great video! Thank you very much

Georgiy Yezerov says:

I Im getting an error error (msb6006: “cl.exe” exited with code “-1073741515”) when I try and build. any suggestions?

Brian Diaz says:

my visual studio doesn’t give me the option for C ++

Blue Thunder Games says:

I’m able to build the file, but the window where the program actually runs isn’t popping up for me. Would you happen to know why that would be

rob harris says:

Nice video, but I am having a build error. I was wondering if anyone could help with error C2471 “cannot update program database”?

Spencer Trumbore says:

There is no “Templates” directory when I try to start a new project, this is driving me and a lot of other new users nuts. Does anybody know why this is and what the fix is? I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (free version)

Jamshaid Akhtar says:

(also make small small project in c++ for beginners) i requst you Deborah Sorrentino

Salute says:

On mine there is mo “Empty project under Visual C++. I just finished learning C++ from another video but now I want to take my source code and make it into an exe file to run. Please help I have trying at this for 7 hours and no one can help

tempting videos says:

can i write c programme in this vc++

Lanette A. Itsprivate says:

Thank you! you explained this better then my current professor

Fadi Allo says:

What is Difference Between C++ and Visual C++ ?
i still confuse to understand what is a difference

gideon sailianpuia says:

Excellent demonstration….

Neelamalar V says:

That was a very useful video Deborah!Thanks a lot for making this. Can you please make a video on running a Pro*C or C program using MS Visual studio 2017? Thanks in advance.

Hồng Nhung says:

thanks you

Medok Lintok says:

Don’t use *using namespace std;* ! That doesn’t make any sense… And don’t use *system(“pause”)* , it’s typical to Windows, use *std::cin.get()* instead… it’s cross-platform.

Prateek Mogha says:


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