How to Make Money on Ebay in the 4th Quarter


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Welcome to the Prof Sales YouTube Channel

Are you interested in learning how to earn money online? Do you enjoy motivational videos that revolve around reselling? Maybe you are just looking for Ebay 101 or a How to sell on Ebay for dummies guide.

This channel will teach you how to make money on Ebay. Selling stuff on Ebay is a great way to earn extra income. Reselling on Ebay can also be very lucrative, rewarding and fun.

We cover how to start an Ebay business. Setting up an Ebay account is not difficult and be can accomplished quickly. You will also discover lots of selling on Ebay tips that will help you become a better Ebay seller! We teach you how to sell on Ebay successfully

This channel will help you find great Ebay niches. Learning what to sell on Ebay is incredibly important to your success. For example, we can teach you how to sell shoes on Ebay as well as how to sell jeans. Both of these niches have been very profitable and if you are interested in learning to sell jeans online or maybe just stepping up your shoegame, you are in the right place! The techniques and strategies we will teach you can be applied to any sort of sales niche that interest you.

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5797029 says:

We have been using Promoted Listings since March. You only pay the fee if the item is bought from the promoted listing. If it is bought in your store or the original non promoted listing version there is no extra fee. Don’t forget the quarterly credit. We are still learning as we go. I’m sure there will be a whole lot of analysis going on from everyone. Coincidence…. The day after I opted-in to Guaranteed Delivery I had single quantity Promoted Listings available on Wednesday.

Zina Risley says:

Happy Birthday Jason!

theCAVEgirl reseller says:

Happy belated birthday! I love you guys do you want to adopt a thirty year old daughter haha ❤️

High Desert Barb says:

Happy Birthday Jason!

Brandy Sparkman says:

Happy Birthday!

Lyn Dixon says:

Happy Birthday Prof…..I so wish I were not so far away.  The idea of good relationships and friendships is great.  Your meet-ups sound fun.

Robert Sazevski says:

Hi guys. Great info excellent advice etc. Honestly though I believe your vids are just too long and rather long winded if not boring at times. Have you ever considered the fact that you could express the same advice in half the time or less I watch these videos at night after work and skip those with a play time of more than 20 minutes or so. When you’ve heard the same subject many times over (tips etc etc etc) among the reseller community watching these them becomes rather a waste of time. You do add value at your expense and time and that is appreciated but please shorter videos packed with new info equate to a richer experience for a viewer. Alternatively I could skip through but then I might miss valuable advice.
All the best. Rob.

Linda Haskell says:

Happy Bday Jason!

giftbyliz rehsu says:

great jobs guys!

Lindsay Holland says:

Happy birthday! I hope you have an awesome day!

Leandro Firmino says:

HBD Jason <3

Kris Day says:

Thank you!!.. I have been working on my inventory had over three containers full of clothing that had expired.. So glad I did this though.. Now I know what I have ready to go for fourth quarter. Also I purchased the Prof Sales Spreadsheet. But I don’t know where it goes.. To my PayPal? Or email? Happy Birthday Jason!

Anya says:

Thanks for the insights! If desirable, can you make a video talking about how you make your videos? How much is planned, how much is off the cuff? How do you decide what points to hit first and last? Etc.

Rita B says:

With the free USPS shoe boxes, what option are they, in the drop down list, on the shipping page? Thx

5797029 says:

Try not to use borrowed money to grow your business. Better to grow slowly if you can. We have been using noodles for filler to cushion inside some of our packages. We bought out our local Walmart last fall when they reduced the price to 25 cents each. I think we got approximately 300. Mike S.

steve cyranoski says:

Good info. Thanks

KimmyTs Treasures says:

Happy Belated Birthday, Jason! :))

Elsie Creek says:

Marital problems solved: you can get free priority mail tape from usps. It is strictly to be used when you are using a recycled/brown box and sending it priority, (not to use on priority supplies that are already identified). When you call the number, they will interview you and you need to explain that you understand what it’s for. Tell them you are supplying your own boxes for items that don’t fit usps boxes and the tape will cut your costs and help identify it as priority. Ask for about 6 rolls and tell them it’s to prepare for Q4, they shouldn’t think that’s too much. 1-800-275-8777

Kelly says:

Great Video with some Awesome Advice for 4th Q. Thank you! Happy Birthday Jason and many,many,many more to Follow in Great Health & Happiness and Prosperity! Yummies on cake! Have a great weekend! I’m lucky I don’t have to source I can just source my “Back log”! I found Beer taps screw-on thingings this am. Score!

Marcel De Kretser says:

Tape story is so funny .But I get you Kaaren I use ebay tape to tape the while top of the box at leat I know from the feed back I get that the box got to the customer in good shape

Danielle Sellars says:

You always give such great information and Kaaren always steals the show. She has the cutest personality. Thanks for all the useful tips.

Kelly Green says:

Happy Happy Birthday, Jason!

Ginger Urban says:

Happy belated birthday Prof!!!

AdamA517 says:

I want to have my best 4 qtr. ever and sell lots of thingies. Happy Birthday Jason!

Emily Detterer says:

In a different video, and I’m not sure which one, you made a statement about tiered pricing. Can you tell me more about how you do that or make a video on that topic?

RockstarFlipper says:

Cant wait for the 4th quarter Q4…. gotta make some money!!

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