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Agenda of this Video:
• Decision-Making in C
• If Statement
• If-else Statement
• Nested If Statement

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Varun Kumar says:

You are just amazing thank you so much sir

Mouddy Juma says:

Gr8 tutorial sir thnx so much but where can i find that reference book you `ve on this tutorial any link or web page….??!!p/s

Purushothaman Josh says:

sir how i can get sequence videos,i have videos from this only how i can watch previous videos.

Praveen Pandey says:

Very nice tutorial. I was searching for this kinda tutorials. Now I can study C at home.

Thanks sir. Very helpful.

I was hoping if you tell me what book I purchase for examples? I don’t know which book have so many code. A book like R.D Sharma. R.D Sharma for math have so many example. So is there any book for C language that have so many example. So that I can learn more after learning syntax. I’ve learned syntax but I don’t have any book for example. Please give me advice for some book full of example.
Thanks again.


excellent class sir, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

Dara Sujitha says:

Thank you very much sir…

oladapo osunkeye says:

Thanks alot. I am having a problem in school, because I was not practicing but only reading. You said it all, always type these codes, so that you can be perfect.
Thanks alot SIr.

nicolas wilcken says:

how where you able to assign asciiofchar to the keyboard?

Aruna kumari says:

It is very useful tutorial and advantageous to all who wanted to learn C

Yogesh Suthar says:

can u send me your programmes pdf?

Emil Jansson says:

Why are all of those videos in hindu?

Deepzzz S says:

Sir, @43:46 u are printing ‘n3’ again , it should b printing ‘int greatest’.

shyam thakur says:

should we assign the numbers for A a in notepad ??

madhushree anand says:

hello sir…….
how can i get this soft copy

hardik shah says:

what is ASCII char means

Nexus Player says:

else if (n1==n2)

Rocky chormale says:

excellant job sir……

Zoya Khan says:

These tutorials are fantastic and really helped me

eric phung says:

Thanks for the vids.  I’m moving on from Python into C this semester so I will probably be watching all of these over the next few months.

BestDotNetTraining says:

You can visit http://www.bestCtraining.com for all videos and course material…

praveena surya says:

Please I want clear screen sir or madam

sai akhil says:

Gr8 explanation!

Prateek Jain says:

where can I get these notes?

Pranav Gupta says:

very nice lecture

King' Jake says:

Awesome how can i get soft copy of this tutorial please sir?

Dara Sujitha says:

Thank you…Can you clear my doubt..Is it necessary to have an else clause in an if statement…?

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