Input and Output: Printf and Scanf – C Programming Tutorial 06

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In this tutorial, we have explained printf and scanf functions in C that are used to read input and write output from command line or Console.

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Hasib Arian says:

amazing explanation of everything. Thanks!


realy helped me

Nandan Tendulkar says:

This helped at lot. Thank you very much.

The video to introduction of pointers can be found here:

Introduction to Pointers in C/C++ –

tahir ali says:


Amel AH says:

you saved my exams!! thank youuuu

aziz as says:


Kishore Mahato says:

amazing explanation of everything. Thanks!amazing explanation of everything. Thanks!

AV Rma says:

Still idont know the exact time to use float,scanf amd printf.please reply me

Leo Abhi says:


Niraj Shah says:

Also, are you planning to add videos on graph and beyond? I am waiting for them 🙂

Prakash Thakur says:

Thank u Sir…. U r Great
Thanks for this vedio


i request my codeschool to upload more videos on c. like loops etc
thank u

Zen Jon says:

Could you make some video(s) on loops? I can’t find them if you have

Kishore Mahato says:

thank u so much


I don’t know the basics of c programming how it’s used and why. Pls explain

Юлия Вишнякова says:

an excellent lesson, thank you so much!!


your way of describe a topics with visual effects were gr8…thank..for ur concepts…

shaik Althmash says:

what if we add space in between “%d and %d” in printf,, i’ve done it and the value of b is resulting with 1024 i didn’t get that :/

Ferguson Drozenski says:

This is a great video, thanks!

supergdify says:

Excellent tutorial

Dilkashan Neyaz says:

Evry prson cn easily undrstnd bcoz it is so clear an awsm

Paul Furey says:

Your videos are very helpful. I am trying to make a code look for numbers input, but I also need it to stop when I type in Stop. I can do it when I have a set number of values, but I am having trouble when I do not have a constant number of values.

nilay 1999 says:

thnx for these all lessons

spark says:

can you make a video how to install visual studio?! thank you.

Steve Alvarado says:

very good thank you so much!

Emraan Al Qurayshi says:

wow.. very helpful

JAY says:

Thankyou 😀

Mohamed Abderrahmane says:

Nice, very nice. Thank you for the effort of sharing you knowledge with others in need of it like myself.

Joe Yabuki says:

u are better than my teacher bro gl

heytheremogwai says:

question…I’m trying to input a four digit integer (like 1234). is there a way to selectively (or parse) each digit of the integer by using the %d formatting?

MsPAL2010 says:

Hi, yo know why  10 ^ 23 =  -2147483648 in language C? Thanks you

Niraj Shah says:

Also, are you planning to add videos on graph and beyond? I am waiting for them 🙂

kebakaone bajaki says:

keep up the good work.really helpful!

elescoces33 says:

Amazing! Thanks for the lesson. You are awesome! 🙂

jayed nahian says:


Nehrose Melgar says:

i dont really understand programming why that happends

Resul Ekrem Aykaç says:

I wish I have discovered your channel earlier, nevertheless I am happy to actually learn and thankful to you. You are definitely the master of pedagogy, you make easy what is thought impossible.

Albert Gao says:

Splendid! Finally know why and when should we use pointer!

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