Introduction about Functions in C – C Programming language

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BestCTraining is the top C Programming Online training Institute in Hyderabad, the Video explains about C Programming Functions, which is prepared Microsoft Certified Trainer Mr.Sandeep Soni.

Agenda of this Functions:
Introduction and writing Function
• What is a function?
• How function performs specific tasks
• How a function can be named
• Benefits of function
• Function terminology
• Function prototype
• Function definition
• How does a function work

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sachin dimri says:

sir you helped a lot

pradeep kumar says:

good…but very boaring

youtube startup says:

excellent job sir!!

lots of fun & lots of entertainment says:

best lecture…
but i have a question
please tell me how this program works?where the cursor first move ?

Tamilmaran C says:

very clear explanation sir

Gustavo Woltmann says:

C language still has its place in programming world. It represents the base for all other languages.

Hanz Killz says:

Finally it makes sense now thanks man 😀 😀

Sadik Patel says:

sir which compiler you use???

ram krishna says:

because your videos are not in sequence while downloading

rakshit gupta says:

Thank you so much sir your tutorial videos are much much better than all other tutorials on youtube , thanks again for making these videos for us.

Deep sandy says:

how to define a function inside a function as a parameter

pranu pretty says:

This is the best site for c i ever came across
tnq sooooooo much
dis helped da nyt bfor my xam

Diaa Mostafa says:

Very helpful tutorial. Thank you!

Zakhele Hakonze says:

please arrange your playlist…however i love your teaching…easy to understand.

Rare Choice says:

trick is nice to understanding the subject

mohammed nazmul islam Bhuiyan says:

Its a nice tutorial about c and thank u so much to provide us this.

Alalam Tube says:

i want that program please my laptop is 64 bit

Ved Parmar says:

And it was very helpful with clean explanation

ram krishna says:

can you combine all videos and make one single full video ,
it will be helpful

Sean Hannold says:

Your English is better than my teachers and you make more sense. Great explanations. I always get weary when I hear an accent but not with you. Thank you so much.

olaf sieklik says:

Perfect explanation, horrible pronunciation …, my brain is crying

Mr. Deathstroke says:

this helped me a lot

ram krishna says:

plz combine in one video in sequence will helps us alot

pandu Patil says:

Sir can you upload category of functions plzzzzz

####### says:

I dunno how to thank u sir ,you’re the best God bless you

siddhartha rao says:

Very Clear Explanation..Thanks..

ketan deshmukh 2 says:

thanks sir

Felix Kimutai says:

Good job, thanks


Outstanding Sir…

Funny Vines says:


bakari said chanoga says:

awesome description good job….bro

Vaddepalli Manikanta says:

very nice explanation thank you

Pratheug K P says:

simple and helpful to get the concepts.
Thank you.

rishadul islam Khan says:

great vids

Indrajit Das says:

Sir, I am totally new …So It becomes too much complicated to me to decode the tutorial serials,for the sorting system. Could you please sort them by step by step ? Then that will be perfect for beginners just like me …Thank you

ZANY69 says:

I want to watch your tutorial but its impossible, please arrange your playlist… 🙁

Ved Parmar says:

i am ved
i have a doubt
actually i am confused between this two statements
node *insert(arguments) (node is a typedef struct in link lists)
what u explained
such as using a pointer to a function

Santhi siva says:

tq very much sir.tmrw is my internal exam. it would help me a lot

Anil Dharavath says:

tnq sir very helpful

Geoffrey Faustine says:

Thank you so much for your tutorials on C programming!

Geetha C says:

The C Programming Language (often referred to as “K&R”), the seminal book on C. Paradigm: Imperative , structured: Designed by: Dennis Ritchie


thank. please show me about Recursive function. because i don’t understand about it.

Kalluri Madhu says:

Really…after watching this video….he gonna be my god. ..for his outstanding presentation

saurav Gurjar says: sir this is the best tutorials video that i have ever seen… thanku so much sir

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