Introduction to Computers: First step to learn computer programming in C – 1

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The first step to learning C programming is to understand the basics of computer. This video, therefore, deals with an introduction to computers, i.e. what is a computer, including textbook definitions and a simple explanation of how it actually functions. A brief introduction of the components of a computer is given: CPU, RAM, input devices (mouse, keyboard etc.) and output devices (monitor etc.). The interaction between the components/parts of computer is also discussed here.

Even though this might seem like a very basic exercise, understanding the fundamentals of computers and how computers work is one of the most essential steps before you start writing computer programs. C is a very important computer language, and this video is a part of Edureka’s online learning material to understand the computer basics before learning basics of C programming.


Gabriel Hasbun says:

It’s a bit sad that the task is a bunch of roses and jewels rather than kisses and hugs. 🙂

Chris Kenny says:

The proposal to the girl is the task. This was a very good metaphor and an excellent explanation of computers to a beginner. Great video.

Mohankrishna Krishna says:

Hi, Is their any C++ tutorials from Edureka.

nick karaitiana says:

thanks bro!

Quinton Perry says:

make another video on how to get startded please if u do ill subscribe

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