Introduction to Pointers | C Language Tutorial

Introduction to Pointers | C Language Tutorial
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Vsvardhan .9 says:

You are our. God

pavithra eswar says:

No one can replace u sir, upload more videos sir, ur explanation is in peaks

psg biotech1721 says:

Super tutorial semma Anna


Very helpful

Juhi Kumari says:

thanks sir
ur videos are really useful in learning c

naga sai krishna says:

What if address is above 2^16
For example we are using double
So address may be from 2^19…

v8 sagar says:

useful,good explanation thanx sir

Prema Jainapure says:


mampuya jovi says:

why is my output address different with yours sir?


shankar shahapeti says:

Tq sir

Priyank Chil says:

Rip English

shankar shahapeti says:

Nice it’d help me

singaram sirisha says:

Chala artamindi sir tq

gowda viji says:

Thank you sir bcz explanation very nyc

Thamizhmani Thamizhmani says:

Thanks sir

chandra kala says:

Good explanation

channel for you says:

love u sir

tyson farib says:

best lecturer i ve ever seen till now

Jagadeesh Jagadeesh pentakota says:

First time I have watched the video u explained everything very clearly

onkar waghe says:

Nice and easily understable #5star#

Vishnu Priya says:

i vl mostly prefer to ur viedos only. sir!!……tq sir for easy explanation

Sai Ram says:

Your explanation is very good

Ginny Tang says:

Hello sir, When I was doing a homework I found your video helped me understand the concept clearly, better than the professor in University! please upload more video

Akhil Teja says:

explanation is in peaks…. SUPERB

Shahid Ramzan says:


Rifa Riya says:

tnk u so much sir its very use ful

Jitentra chaudhary says:

thank you sir please upload bit wise operator video

soumya sri says:

Rly sprbb sir….

Vishnu Vardhan says:

nd tq sir

ambati srikanth says:

sir u re awesome your teaching it was fabulous

T 4 TECH says:

good teaching

Sai Ram says:

Mee explanation super sir

Srihari Bezawada says:

void* pointer can hold only address of any type, but it can’t access the data without type casting ( you said wrong)

Indra Kumar says:

Good sir

keerthi kutty says:

tqq u sir
im very comfortable with u r teaching

Dhiraj singh says:

“Without using pointer concept no programming language”.
Then why JAVA doesn’t support Pointer?

sourabh jain says:

Love ur teaching shrinivas sir

Son of peace says:

nice sir

Vishnu Vardhan says:

thop sir

Anjaly Eldhose says:

give more videos

SAI PAVAN Kotipalli says:

Thank s for the video sir, but java doesn’t support pointers concept.

likith R.N says:

This instructor is really good……

saivivek kondapally says:

not in sequence sir plzzzz crct it

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