Introduction to programming and programming languages: C Programming Tutorial 01

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In this lesson, we have explained what is a computer program and what is a computer programming language. We have briefly explained computer’s architecture and thrown insight into why computer understands and executes binary. We have also explained difference between a low level programming language and a high level programming language and history of C.

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Syed Muzammil says:

What a beautiful way of teaching, gonna watch ur all videos and thanks a ton for this.

Shivam Tehanguria says:

best I’ve seen till now

Jon Ang says:

clear pronunciation and engaging speaker, fantastic video overall

X-Waffles says:

This video helped me understand tremendously. Thanks!

navdeep kumar says:

thank you my code school……..

Alex63 says:

isn’t there a fould at operand 2 isn’t it 000000010 i think so please say it if i’m wrong

krunal bakhal says:

really help how actually program come in play and how computer actually access the program in cpu by different languages .. thank u for clearly the concepts… thanks #techtud..

muhammad mughrabi says:


Thota Mounika says:

Thanks a lot !This tutorial is really helpful.

Farkhad Alizadeh says:

Thank You so much for your video

Marek Poliak says:

I love u man. Im so happy that u decided to do this videos… i always wondered how it rlly works and honestly u showed me a full picture 🙂 Thank u !! cant wait to see more 😀

Ansar Ullah Anas says:

you did it with perfection…

well done bro. . hats off

Praful Damodar says:

nice video

Deepak Puri says:

i loved your channel

Anand Bhupathiraju says:

Spoon feeding, Very helpfull.

Debjit Ghosh says:

The tutorial was very helpful

Shubham Tarade says:

excellent clarification on computer programming..good start to learn programming

Scoot Errr says:

best approach so far, thank you my friend! you have reduced my digital anxiety haha!

Skyy Banerjee says:

Awesome! Subscribed!

Sudeep Rai says:
download this app to become master in c programs

EmbedtroniX says:

you really have nice content and i appreciate it .in fact i subscribed
you.i am also making video on same content so you can check me.

Hammer Morty Is More Than Just A Hammer says:



thanks for the lesson man

Rohit Chauhan says:

very nicely explained and an awesome introduction

Tomasz Różański says:

To be specific: Unix was first created using PDP-7 assembly code and rewritten in C a few years after.

Tanya Singh says:

Thank u so so so much, Sir for Ur grt explanation!!!

Prasad Press Hard says:


Ben Opene says:

Excellent job .

Les Paul says:

good man, this is a very nice video; i never click on the like button, maybe i clicked, with indulgence, 10 times since 2010, you explained it to good, this wont help me, i am here just pure curiosity but for others that really want to dive into programming languages, this is the first of the first video that needs to be seen or learn
maybe i am tooo stoned but i thought i will have a binary trip

Ali Icrame says:

loved this video

Ajinkya Wakhale says:

How can i see description

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