Learning to Program in C (Part 01)

This video introduced the C programming language. We will discuss why you should learn C, the language’s origins, and C language standards. Then we will begin talking about the language itself, by going over a “hello world” example, and discussing some of the intrinsic data types supported by C.


some new some tricky says:

sir which software used you

Programming Hub says:

Learn C Programming Language
Detailed material with Test Programs

to G says:

someone please program software to get rid of the irritating ads on youtube!!!

Faiz Ilahi says:

you’re awesome

LikeYou says:

What? C Is not a high-level programming language. You are so wrong.

EmbedtroniX says:

you really have nice content and i appreciate it .in fact i subscribed
you.i am also making video on same content so you can check me.

Azeem Mohammed says:

Can u plz take a video on elements of programming in practice

TheOriginalGeez says:

I am pretty sure I don’t know what i’m doing 100%. But gcc says that you need a ; before the return. So what I did was ;return(0); and it worked. But are both semi colons necessary?

Nagi says:

Can hack by learning C proggramming language?

Faiz Ilahi says:

you explain so well,.. !

Nour Bou Nasr says:

very good tutorial thanks

shawky morgan says:

thanks a lot

Matt Douglas says:

What does “.h” do to the stdio?

B o o m e r says:


Biorazvr says:

#using studio.h
print(‘hello world’)

WolvesFanVideos says:

i downloaded visual studio and changed the theme to make me look like some l33t hakcer programmer wizard, other than that i dont have a clue

sky cnn says:

good lessons

rphunt2002 says:

That was fun, I haven’t touched C in decades.

Jayden Shelton says:

I a freshman in highschool trying to learn this language/code if I perceived this correctly.. Just need simple guidance please anyone…

Azeem Mohammed says:

U r awesome the language way how u teach its educational no one teach like u superb

josh special says:

am having A BAD TIME learning C programming..pls what should i do so as to be Best in it….Its giving serious night mare,its a compulsory course in mx school..pls talk to me somebody THANKS

Robert Thompson says:

i could download Qbasic and put up some video tutorials to help. For my freshman year in highschool i developed a graphic based 2d rpg game in qbasic which is very complex lol. but i can show you guys how to do it and you will learn some of the most core functions of every programming language

Kairo Demonic says:

C is low level .. you’re wrong .

Zexxyle says:

I made it to about 8:25 and I’m kind of lost rn, I don’t quite understand. what is taking up 1-4 bytes, where is it stored? why does it take up 1 byte? what is the use of a byte? ive never had any programming experience in the past so this just confused me

33imtp23fgro 76 says:

do i need other knowledge to learn c? or what Kind of knowledge would help? i never had computing lessons and i feel like im thrown into cold water.

Blocks Gaming says:

This is hard i’ll stick to python for now

mikedrz says:

Finally a programming tutorial I can understand!

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