Lists and Linked Lists in C: Computer Programming 10: 24HourAnswers Tutorials

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The computer programming tutorial you are about to see is one in a series developed by 24 hour answers, with the idea of helping students learn in a simple, easy, and convenient format.

Today we examine lists and linked lists using our previous work with structs.


Dan Kennedy says:

This doesn’t work for c compiled with gcc, which is pretty annoying. ListItem and i are not declared.

RAVI KUMAR Dhal says:

this is wrong program pls change it

Diabound says:

@alive4u3 Thank you for your comments.

I’d like to try and help; perhaps you can upload your code to pastebin and link to it here, and I’ll take a look and see if I can solve your problem. You could also include the compile errors you’re getting to make it a little easier.

caitlin lee says:

Hi your video was really helpful thank you:)
What editor are you using?

Sir MarioZ says:

was really helpful. thanks.

Drinny says:

When I try to compile this on mac terminal it gives 7 errors.

Haripazha Aezakmi says:

guys what int main(int argc, char* argv[]) means? i only use int main()..
i am a newbie in C.
answer me guys 🙂

SIRI YA Urembo says:

u are such a lıfe saver!! Its better than my lecturer’s explanatıon!

Dat Guy WeBmAsTeErR says:

thw mana soy

Patrick Holland says:

nahh that keyboard sounds so good.

MusicFrissoner says:

i dont know why but i hate the sound of your keyboard

Ab Behjat says:

I am coding it on xcode, it gives error “Undeclared i”

Henry Ho says:

Thank you!!!!!!

Enrique Martinez says:

system.print at 4:35

Lran Lrson says:

This video is so good but fuck i cant understand whyyyy

Vasea Tonofa says:

Thx man, the best tutorial on lists so far !

Florian Preuß says:

Where do you declared the “i” for the loop?

RAVI KUMAR Dhal says:

you should use malloc in this program

FR Nince says:

I’m getting this: 27 C:Dev-Cpplinkedlists.c `ListItem’ undeclared (first use in this function)

abdic90 says:

some may use(because of declaration):
struct ListItem *i = &c;
  for(; i != NULL; i = i->prev)
  { }

and also 

void Link(struct ListItem *linked, struct ListItem *prev, struct ListItem *next);

Thomas Henry Spiteri says:

What compiler do you use?

Ruhed Ahmed says:

sir ami kusi bujram na /// kita korle balu kore parbo?????

Jack R says:

this is brilliance on a level unknown to all but the rare few of humanity who come across this very video

Bishal Shrestha says:

before 10 min ,i really don’t known the linked list programs but now i confidently can do it so handful of thank u

Neldolas says:

I had trouble getting the hang of the linked lists, but thanks to you I know understand. Thanks a lot for this video. Out of curiosity, what is your IDE?

NiceBlock says:

make sure you re compiling in c++ not c in visual studios

Yogesh Jain says:

very good……………

notamotovlog says:

Excellent tutorial.

bhct7 says:

I was in mess a little while compiling it in dev c++, but I just found a solution. All you have to do is: to typedef struct ListItem {komand}ListItem; and then before FOR loop, define *i like this” ListItem *i;” and in for loop command type this “for ( i = &a; i != NULL ; i = i->next ) ” that’s all, now have fun…

Greg Aka Drizzle says:

what’s the difference in and a->data? aren’t both pointing? im confused…

notKuro says:

It’s Visual studio..

Imaginaari1984 says:

Thank you! 🙂

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