Lua Tutorial

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Data Types 3:43
Math 6:58
Conditionals 10:53
Ternary Operator 15:20
Strings 16:35
Looping 19:11
Repeat Until 20:44
User Input 20:56
For 22:00
For In 22:29
Tables 23:41
Functions 28:26
Return Multiple Values 29:25
Variadic Functions 33:13
Closure 34:27
Coroutines 36:46
File I/O 40:10
Modules 43:32
Metatables 45:30
OOP 51:00
Inheritance 55:04


Aaron Parr says:

Thanks for the great tutorial!
One minor issue @~32:42: The extra ‘nil’ value printed is because at the very end of our loop, we’ve accessed an index that doesn’t exist in ‘splitStrTable’. If we modify line 10 to start i at 0, this problem goes away.

CreamBBaby says:

how do you get the thing on the left

KiraTheChallenger says:

what software are you using to code lua

Nestor John Pajaron Maula says:


Sinnathamby Mahesan says:

Example @32 :40 i is increased after assigning value to StringTable, so to return the number of values in the table, you need to return i-1 rather than i. 🙂

Alexey Antropov says:

You wrote: setmetatable({}, Animal). It is wrong 🙂 you wasted proper object and just declared its content below so it doesn’t show error.

MW Hashem says:

very helpful thanks!

LightRealms says:

So javascript had a baby with python?

igor Smirnov says:

What the point of writing some “default” value in Animal = {height=0, weight=0, name=”No Name”, sound=”No Sound”} ?
When I create an animal without passing a parasmetres a = Animal:new() thay don’t act as a default value, i.e. height doesn’t store zero , instead it store nil

Parak eet says:

How long would you say it would take to get a general understanding of LUA?

Rokleiktox 11 says:


Hanson says:

The problem I keep having with learning LUA is that it’s so simple, I just don’t know what words to use.

myasadefa says:

1000th comment.

myasadefa says:

This is helpful

Siavash Arya says:

Great video but how could you not come up with a better example for the ternary operator?

Anonymous says:

Amazing! But 12:25 age should be greater than or equal to(>=) not less than or equal to (<=) cause 5 yr olds can't drive!

DanDanDirt says:

Where does the self come from?

enderdragon1055 says:

whenever i try to go to command prompt and load the file it says ” lua: cannot open luatut.lua: No such file or directory” does anyone know what i am doing wrong, i am typing in cmd “lua luatut.lua”

David Gustavsson says:

You’re wrong about the regex you use. [^…] means “any character not in set …”, s is whitespace and + means “one or more times (greedy)”, so whitespace-delimited words match /[^s]+/. ^ can mean “beginning of line”, but not inside the class structure.

Uher K says:

Thank you

Paulo Cesar Leon says:

Derek, which methods for debugging you would recommend?

Dr Stewts says:

You can only drive if you’re 16 or younger?

Gustavo Salmerón says:

Is it just me or LUA seems so… Different? The syntax… I’m so used to C/C++ and gdscript and some python.

ΔΞRΟ says:

I cant seem to run lua. Can anyone give a tutorial on how to run it on windows :/

Something says:

this syntax is realy werd

Johnson Man says:

io.write(“Dog : “, math.random(10), “n”) why does this not work it always comes out as 8

wetwipes says:

Time for some Roblox

myasadefa says:

I watch it a lot when I have a problem in the studio.

Red PS says:

wow! it’s like having half a semester’s classes in an hour lol. I learnt a lot thanks!

I help anytime says:

I want to mod a server in mta sa… but god my head hurts <:O

Kim says:

That’s a 63-bit Integer. It’s odd..

ElfNet Designs says:

I learned how to do LUA from Garry’s Mod addons creation in 2007..

VIP Trust says:


LakeMake says:

how to save it?

BendApparatus says:

Here let me fix that title for you…
Lua tutorial for people with an extensive background in programming.

There! You’re welcome…

Derpy_ Dolphin says:

just btw you can say print(“hi”); if you want to, lua will just yeet out the semi colon by itself

Jamie S says:

Can I get the child’s version of this video.It’s too hard to follow.

CodeRoid says:

the link of this video says iMac

mrak408 says:

This is the easiest programming language

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