Notepad++ Text Editor: Intro for Beginners

Basic intro tutorial on how to use my favorite software development tool, the Notepad++ text and code editor.


Kevin Birmingham says:

I want to be able to create drown lists and I canNOT figure it out!! I’m not a programmer!!

LittleAutumnLeaf says:

How do you open it in the first place?

Kashu Xola says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial, I greatly appreciate it. Sub & liked.

Dragon Lover says:

Can you use notepad ++ on a mac? I know sublime text is recommended for mac but its pretty expensive and N++ is free.

Michael Cenkner says:

Joe, I already knew basic keyboard commands. What I was looking for is, how do the “run” the code.

joseph dunn says:

Joe James: Can you please help me… I just started using Notepad ++ and I wanted to take all my microsoft word documents and search for /archive and replace it with /archive/filter-by/video and yes it did it but, when I go and open any of the files in the folder, I get an error screen saying “WORD EXPERIENCED AN ERROR TRYING TO OPEN THE FILE, TRY THESE SUGGESTIONS” and it lists
*check the file permissions for the document or drive
*make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space
*open the file with the text recovery converter

What do I do now? Please Please Please help me- I am not proficient in using Notepad++.
Thanks a million in advance for your help.

Ajax 7/11 says:

does n++ support tkinter ?

Robert Lowe says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

Plucky Maije says:

Excellent video. To the point, thought out, has useful references like the text shortcuts overlayed or together on one screen. The rest of your videos look like that while covering a varied range of material. Subscribed.

Torche et Épée says:

To create a new document you can also double click on the document tab, on an empty place.

joseph dunn says:

Joe James: If the screen is full of html. How do you view the screen in “normal” mode?

Hang eroo says:

Great tutorial. I just wanted to let you know the easiest way to open a new document is to click on the blank space to the right of the last tab. It will create a new document tab.

mostafa habib ali says:

good vid mhaa nigga

libertyunderlaw says:

Is there a language for “Psuedocode”?

Your average Brit & Whovian says:

is there any way to run the code in notepad++

Jeff Ehmann says:

Thanks Joe, you’ve got a nature pace and voice to be an instructor.

GustasZGaming says:

what in the world is this

Waffles182 says:

Great video. I’ve been searching for tutorial exactly like this. You helped a lot. I just wish that you showed how to Run programs, but I believe I can figure it out. Thanks!

Zoe Spacecake says:

very good tutorial for beginners. Thanks

S says:

I’d like to know why my html tags are showing up in the browser and how I can fix it?
( I’m using Notepad++ 7.5 the most recent one )

Toni Cobbit says:

Maybe you have not saved the document is the reason why you didn’t get the function list there.

Roberto Facchiano says:

Awesome editor. Been using it since 2007 or so.

Ashley Graham says:

not a clue wtf your on about in this video

Benjy Dale says:

I’ve just downloaded N++ (portable/zip version) and found this video. Very handy stuff – thanks for sharing!

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