Notepad++ tips and tricks

Notepad++ is an open-source text editor for Windows and is quite likely the best text editor for Windows. It has a huge range of features.So I use Notepad++ as my default text-editor. It’s simple and fast. Here are some tips for web developer and designer to use it effectively 🙂


Kevin Birmingham says:

I’m not a programmer but I do need to be able to create drop down lists. How?

russel canoy says:

his english accent is annoying…

maynor cine says:

sorry i m not speak english

Quỳnh Chi Nguyễn says:

notpad++; Download Hight Speed:

robert booth says:

thank you very much.

Mike Public says:

Thank you Amine. I learned a couple new NPP tricks.

Raja A BTech says:

Hi Amine,
Please let know how to use “next line character in notepad++”
Thanks in advance

Александр Григорьев says:

Thanks for video.. Why do you not use monotype font? It much comfortable

Deepak M says:

Nice tutorial. Its very helpful.

William Etheridge says:

Thanks! Great video!

explicitG says:

your mumbling is disgusting
video is unwatchable because of that

Layarion says:

i need a video on how to use expressions

sean filyaw says:

how do I make my html file notice my css?



Ivano Buffa says:

I was looking for one for highlighting keywords on a specific language and I found this one. Very good one!!!

Abrham Bas says:

Hey, do you know how to create a new file in a specific folder by just right clicking on that folder?

Ira Khanam says:

Notepad is the most powerful source code editor and its replacement that supports several languages. This post provides you Notepad Plus Plus Keyboard Shortcuts

tuaguilareal says:

How to get Notepad++ to automatically indent one tab when hitting enter? like sublime text, atom and many others

luk3Z says:

Great video.

Amine Nina says:

Another tutorial is available here

Rohan K says:

Thank you so much for this video! Its very good!!

Rommel Vega says:

excelent Example of tricks

Samir Gunic says:

Thanks for sharing! I already knew about these tricks. So there was not a lot for me to pick up from this video. But I clicked the like button anyway, because this is very helpful for beginners.

Samir Gunic says:

1:38 This is officially called “column mode editing”. Selecting multiple columns on multiple lines should be called “multi line column selection”, or simply just “column selection” if you ask me.

With the risk of being a bore, I will go on to say that regular line selection is also a type of column selection. But the selection for each line starts at column 1 (right after CR/LF) which is a big nuisance for programmers, since they usually indent their code.

Selection alone is only one kind of editing. Or actually, no editing at all. Selection alone is not an edit. There are several ways you can use the column mode editing though.

One thing I like to do is use the Alt key and make a vertical line selection at a given column, without selecting anything. That’s a quick way to place out multiple carets at these columns. I can then remove or add characters on all the selected lines using the keyboard. Another way is to use the Ctrl key and click on each line, but that’s much slower if you want the carets to sit on the same column on each line (editing aligned text). Also, you can use Alt+Shift if you are a keyboard person, instead of Alt and clicking.

spellauro says:

Liked. Beautifully presented. 🙂

Ronan Clancy says:

After select a column when using the alt key is it possible to PASTE into the column?…ie

if I select column 3(the number 2)


can I paste in the number 4…


Cheers for the tips:)

Deybid Morales says:

Nice video Amine but this good bye is Jeremy Ciora’s property! Hehehe!

Amine Nina says:

you are welcome

Mister Zero says:

Very informative sir. Thank you very much.

Tuks says:

This taught me nothing fyi

Scratchy Platypus says:

It sounds like your saying ++ more then 2 times xD Sorry if this offended u

Sbongiseni Mazeka says:

I love your desktop background

Amine Nina says:

Good to know

Amine Nina says:

juste type 3 apples wallpaper in google image and you get it 🙂

Amine Nina says:

I added another tutorial maybe it would be helpful, if you wanna take a look please go to

abeena parvin says:

good ,can you give a download link

Samir Gunic says:

2:24 That’s side by side view. 4:52 Shift+Tab is the default keyboard shortcut for decreasing an indent in many programs. For indented and aligned code lines however, Npp should automatically align your code even when you increase the indent using the Tab key. But surely, using Shift+Tab is a way to quickly reset any misalignment. This is a very good tip. 6:16 In version 6.9 this is now available from the context menu. 7:16 This one is very powerful! I would normally use the command line for this, but not having to leave the editor and having all the results presented in one view is very powerful and useful indeed. I might start using this actually. This is one of those features that are neglected and underused.

Legendadm says:

Note pad plaus plaus XD

ussardor says:

it would be great if you enlarged it to full screen.

Izextreme1 says:

The first step was exactly what I was looking for extremely useful! Lets watch the rest

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