PLC Programming Tutorial for Beginners_ Part 1

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PLC Programming Tutorial for Beginners_ Part-2

In this lesson we will learn how to write a PLC program using an “S7 300” PLC and “STEP 7” software.
We have two pumps which are being used to transfer two separate liquids into this tank.Inside the tank there are two level switches installed in the lower and upper parts of the tank respectively.
There is also an electrically powered mixer inside the tank which starts working for a defined period of time, mixing the two liquids together after the tank has filled.
We also have a discharge valve in the bottom of the tank which controls the draining of the liquid from the tank.
When the level of the liquid drops to the level of the switch’s position the contact closes, sending a 24 volt DC signal to the PLC input.
We want to write the program so that when the level of the liquid reaches this minimum, the pumps will be activated and begin filling the tank with the liquids.
The pumps continue filling the tank until the level reaches its maximum at the higher level switch. When this happens the open contacts in the switch will be closed and another 24 volt signal will be sent to the PLC input telling us that the tank is full.
When this signal has been sent, first the pumps should shut down so that no more liquid enters the tank, and then this mixer should be turned on.
We want the mixer to operate for seven seconds, mixing the liquids that have been pumped into the tank.
After seven seconds the mixer should automatically shut down and this discharge valve should open.
With the valve open the liquid will be discharged from the tank and transferred to another location within the factory to be processed.
When the level of the liquid in the tank drops to the minimum set level of the lower switch, the switch contacts will close again thus starting a repeat of the cycle!


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ardy rajagukguk says:

thx sir.. i’m beginner. i want to learn more about plc..

renaldo cenco says:

my simulation icon not working, any one can help

ayoub lachheb says:

hello sir , please if i subscribe all this years (99. 99 dollar ) , i will get all levels ?

rudy kyalumba says:

very helpful

Jesper Nilsson says:

im only 14 years old but i still wanna learn about this, i want to make plc as my work LIFETIME 😀

علي الضياني says:

Thank you for this video l am interested in controlling especially plc .
Could you help me and recommend very good book ?
l want to learn plc programming to get good job
Thanks again …

Michael McDonald says:

Wait, so do the LEVEL switches work differently? Like, what exactly makes them switch? Is it when fluid is around them or not? If so, the bottom one closes when fluid is not around it, but the top on closes when fluid is around it?

emman garcia says:

Thank you so much. Your videos really helps.

Rajeev Tyagi says:

Dear sir please make vedio for programing in abb 800xa and make a trend of feedback or DO signal

Derya Şenli says:

Does this program requires expensive computers or can I use it with a normal one?

tariq suhail says:

Please suggest me a book or a website where i can get through fb and fc blocks. Counter and converter instructions.

Trupti Kadam says:

It’s really good sir.I am studying in 2nd year diploma in instrumentation & control .so I need to learn plc for last year project .help me sir

omar azzam says:

i made a sign in to say thanks for the amazing lectures >>million thanks
could you make videos for classsic control

Mukhtar Hasan says:

your all videos is good many people learn programming by watching your video. i want to interface thermal printer with S7 200 PLC but i don’t know how to interface any one can teach me.

Ragul Ragavendra says:

can i know what software is used my friend

Aremu Olabanji says:

hello sir pls my Siemens model s7-200 CPU222 we can not do reset while d monitor key board TD200 is written on Spanish language,I can’t do set up

sunil narwade says:

Sir where are best training center of plc in India please tell me sir

Stalyn Jhunior Vera Pineda says:

I could give the programming for TIA PORTAL13

Srivatsa A.R. says:

yr video on PLC PROGRAMMING FOR BEGINNERS 1 SESSION Is clear and helpful.

FANUC PLC & CNC Tutorials says:

Great video

TheGravity says:

Hi friends. I need help to improve my skills in step 7, I already have had program and simulator and real plc also. But I can’t imagine any program to create. If anyone wants to help me plz write comment to my post. Thanks!

shabir ansari says:

currently I don’t have a laptop,
may I start learning PLC.

Manigandan Mohanraj says:

very simple to understand


Can you explain one example for analog programming in Siemens S7?

Tech Tutorials says:

I am working as maintenance engineer for 4 years. I am learning PLC programming by following your tutorials. Thank you brother.

Sibina Anoop says:

Very very helpful video thank you sir
I’m newly joined in a Switchgear firm as design support!!!
Really needed video

Be Learnt says:

how to get simatic manager?

oran le marin d'oran says:

very nice

PLC Videos says:

So helpful tutorial videos! Love to view these videos.

punkninjakiwi says:

When you said true or false thought you were asking me a question. Wont lie made me sweat for a second.. #classroomptsd

Nilesh Maske says:

sir i want to do project on boiler automation using plc and skada software. then which plc will be more useful for this project?

krist stefani says:

Is that Simatic Step 7 ver 5.5 of Siemens free downloadable ? I cannot download even the trial version for 14 days as its said. Any free downloading link anyone?

Santhosh Rigger says:


foreigner xx says:

So great

권현욱 says:

Very easy

mkg vc says:

Glad…Amazing tutorial.

Peeps001 says:

Thanks for not making this 2 hours long.

মধ্যমপন্থী মুসলিম says:

Many many thanks for your nice video on PLC. Can I use step 7 v5.5 software for all types of simens plc?pls inform me.

Kenny T Mule Jnr says:

I have Siemens Step 7 PLC all the necessary hardware but am just a beginner and I would like to start from wiring so a video would help.

robrend palman says:

Thanks for explanation..very interesting

giorgos athanasopouos says:

which programm do you suggest for beginner ?

Math Contents says:

sir i have tutorial book please send Linc for free download

omar ramadhan says:

Send link to download same version of simatic manager please

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