RobotC Programming Tutorial #01: Getting Started & Basic Functions

As requested, we have started a series of RobotC tutorials. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions for how we can improve these tutorials in the future! Thanks for your continued support as we near 500 subscribers!




Dinosaur says:

for controlling the robot with the joystick, what would you set the time to, since you would want it to stop once you let go. Or would you want to make another method without the time parameter?

Julie Carver says:

What if my RobotC doesnt have the option of competition template? And I do have the 4.0 version…..

Derek T. says:

Wheres part two? I enjoyed watching bro

Jarred Cool says:

When can we expect more? i really like this the idea of this series! good job!

rico pegenbox says:


Deorc says:

So void is basically var in java?

GregC96 says:

Teach people how  to use the API.  If they can use the API, they can make anything happen.

nando cortez says:


Biggest Mario Fan says:

your a vision

Redhoppy says:

When I go to “File” then “New”, there’s no competition template. It just says “New File”.

Coleman Christy says:

Why are the durations in the paragma code listed as 20 and 120 when autonomous and driver control are 15 and 105 seconds long?

Amadou Diop says:


wrc1210 says:

I just downloaded the trial version of ROBOTC 4.52 and it seems different than your version. E.g. under File -> New, I only have ‘New File’. I don’t have ‘Competition Template’. Could it be because it’s the trial version?

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