Shell Scripting Tutorial

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In this one video I’ll cover Vim, Input, Output, Variables, Math, Functions, Executing Python Functions, Conditionals, Strings, Arrays, Looping, Positional Parameters, Parameter Expansions and a whole lot more.

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highspirit says:

Do you have a tutorial that uses emacs?

Oussama Essamadi says:

Derek looks like the kind of guy that has over a hundred stackoverflow accounts, spending his days answering people’s questions in great details.

김범준 says:

🙂 안녕하세요! 역시 시원시원한 강의 잘 공부 하고 갑니다.. 감사드리며, 제가 죽기 전에 선생님 강좌를 다 공부할 수 있기를 희망합니다. 그럼 늘 행복하시길….

Ranjan patro says:

classic and informative >>>>

叶旭敏 says:

esto es gilipolla script

Dylan Baer says:

Wow, bash is like the easiest programming language on the face of the earth, or at least you made it seem that way

Peter Csukardi says:

I am running bash on Ubuntu 16.04 and it seems i am getting syntax errors when trying to do grouped brackets i.e. `if (( ((num % 2)) == 0)); then` i get a red syntax marker on the second set of brackets. Could this be because you are using osX? What deltas would there be between these instances of bash?

Velo1010 says:

Does anyone know the reason for some of the commands the developers of UNIX wrote?

sanchit kumar says:

This lecture saved me lot of hours of work….Thanks derek.

gopi nath says:

@32:00 am getting error “pat command not found”

reni jolie says:

how are we going to INSERT mode etc? once im in INSERT mode, i couldnt go to the another :/ #helpnewbie

Sakib Ahsan Dipto says:

Can someone tell me how there are two screens and showing the output? pls it’s urgent.

erick says:

it works from win10 ?

Massimo Bertolla says:

Awesome tutorial! Thanks Derek! You made a wonderful job!

Saeed Baig says:

8:15 – I believe you can also declare a constant with “readonly” (same effect as “declare -r”).

Lucas Antchougov says:

This is amazing.

pablo jaldo says:

return return and more go back

himanshu chawla says:

priceless tutorial

RAJAT KANTI Bhattacharjee says:

I must say you are really amazing at creating such short revision tutorial. They really do help to revise through everything quickly. I tried ur lisp and now this. 🙂

Agrim IT Education says:

nice video bro..

Dominic Harness says:

Really like the speed of this! Nothing worse then a person getting distracted or ranting off about random things. Thanks for the awesome video!

QuotePilgrim says:

I didn’t know that APT on macOS was a thing, but apparently it is. Anyway, I don’t think most Mac users would actually have it installed, so maybe you should also have instructed on how to install vim using macOS’s native package manager. I mean, it doesn’t really matter to me as a Linux user (who uses a distro that doesn’t even use APT, but instead uses pacman), it just caught my attention that a Mac user is telling people to install a program with the apt-get command.

On a side note, for a while now it’s been recommended you use “sudo apt install” rather than “sudo apt-get install” because apt-get is low-level tool meant to be used by the operating system, while apt is for human users. Even nearly a decade ago I remember it being recommended that apt-get should be avoided in favor of aptitude. I guess using apt-get is a bad habit people never get over.

叶旭敏 says:

hello my name is cristian!

Lemon Chief says:

If you are going to use vim I recommend watching a tutorial and maybe printing a cheatsheet at the beginning just until you get used to it.
Also the best place to use vim is in any computer science class to show off. (People think it’s hard to use. And there is a barrier to entry but once you can use it it’s just the best bash text editor there is imo. Emacs is nice too. )

Liz Toone's Crafts and Tips says:

Subscribed. Thank you!

Renato Muro says:

Good one thanks!
Buena esa Gracias!

Serdar 4Websites says:

This tutorial helped me to overcome the fear against shell scripting. Thank you so much.

Psychotic Brain says:

Do you type these codes in notepad ++?

saumil sunil shah says:

Is that for linux terminal

epicwhat001 says:

translate 755 each number individually into binary like this 111 101 101 which translates to -rwx r-x r-x

Vulcan Viper says:

Personally, I prefer to use nano.

Dennis Gathure says:

what kind of job can shell scripting land you?

Tom Glod says:

hey derek, I just wanted to give a suggestion. I like how you put examples sequentially and you cover most basic use cases….. Each time you clear a screen, can you take a snapshot of the terminal before the screen clears and provide those as slides? if you could pull it off without adding to your workflow too much except maybe a single alias command that clears your screen and takes snapshot just before. thanks for the great videos.

Derek Frost says:

Thanks. Can you please do a tuto on reg ex??

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