Socket Programming Tutorial In C For Beginners | Part 1

Sockets are the low level endpoint used for processing information across a network. Some common protocols like HTTP, FTP rely on sockets to make connections. Socket Programming is the route of connecting two points on a network to communicate with each other. In this video, you will learn basics of Socket Programming like definitions, Client socket workflow, Server Socket Workflow and many more. Learn more about socket programming at

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Eyob Haile says:

have you seen your video yourself? all the command you are typing is not visible

IT Engineer says:

For Download this video source code :


Thank you so much , for such a nice tutorial 🙂

IT Engineer says:

there is little typo in client : close(network_socket);

Ralph Chen says:

really helpful, thx

Sally Beckwith says:

Thanks so much! I had no idea where to begin, and this is a big help.

The AWESOME channel says:

Thanks this video was well structured and easy to follow unlike most tutorials.

Maloucaze says:

Great class!

“We are going to use VIM to keep it SIMPLE” – vim? simple? there is no such thing

Sumit Wadhwa says:

what would be the difference if, let’s say, I programmed in a scripting language rather than low level programming language

James Jemmy says:

keep it up mate thanks very much

Ethan Ansell says:

If the connection won’t work, try the perror() function to print a description of what happened. Also see man perror, man strerror, man errno and all that jazz.

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