Socket Programming Tutorials In C For Beginners | Part 2 | Eduonix

Sockets are the basic building blocks in network communication. In this video, you will get details about HTTP Protocol in Socket programming.

To learn basics of Socket Programming visit:

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Abhinav Mishra says:

This is an amazing series, thank you so much ! is there also an advanced course on socket programming ?

Sana Eram says:

thanks it was really useful

Fuangel Sikarin says:

Thank you alot your video very useful.

Chidananda Panigrahy says:

I am getting 503 service unavailable and some time 400 error. I used and
please let me know where i did mistake.

Drake Gao says:

my localhost:8080 keeps loading and data won’t show

Chidananda Panigrahy says:



int main(int argc,char *argv[])
if (1 > argc)
printf(“Enter atleast one arg in cmd linen”);
return 0;

char *address=argv[1];
int client_socket = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_STREAM,0);

if (client_socket < 0) { printf("unable to create socket %dn", stderr); return 0; } struct sockaddr_in remote_address; remote_address.sin_family = AF_INET; remote_address.sin_port = htons(80); inet_aton(address,&remote_address.sin_addr.s_addr); int con_ret = connect(client_socket,(struct sockaddr_in *)&remote_address,sizeof(remote_address)); if (0 == con_ret) { char request[]="GET /HTTP/1.1rnrn"; char response[4096]; send(client_socket,request,sizeof(request),0); recv(client_socket,&response,sizeof(response),0); printf("Response from the server: %sn",response); close(client_socket); } return 0; } If I run this code in ubuntu getting 503 error and sometime 400 error.please correct me where I did the mistake.

Ravish Kumar says:

what is bzero() function please explain with example.

Bakhyt Bakiyev says:

ExcelIent videos! I will wait your next videos about smtp server and client !

Greg Gorlen says:

The line inet_aton(address, &remote_address.sin_addr.s_addr); didn’t compile for me, but inet_aton(address, &remote_address.sin_addr);
worked (ref:
Thanks for the tutorials!

Umair Ali says:

what compiler you would recommend for windows user ? this for cuz i have visual stdio 2013 and dev c ++ while having a problem in code blocks , can you put a tutorial and give a link also plz thanks ?

ko5tas 55 says:

Not all heroes wear capes! Thank you keep going!!

Sloba Ivkovic says:

Excellent series, really enjoyed watching it, only 2 videos though, I see that there are not so much views on this video so I suspect that this series is not going to be extended which is really a shame, this is best socket C programming basics video I found so far and it would be nice to see what can be build on top of it. Thanks

Hamza bozbaş says:

great series, i think next thing that u should do is to make a series for web apis in c. that would be greaat. im looking forward for it. im unable to find any resource for that on internet

Fuangel Sikarin says:

1 question, I can get response 200ok when I run code in my home but when I go another place like university I always get 302 found . In same address (but local server it’s work every where)
thank you

Quaylyn Rimer says:

I got the same code you put I had to add #include for the close() to work after the tutorial on this video I was not able to pull it up in my browser any idea? I am running Ubuntu 17.04

Anupama Sodhi says:

Hey! When I try to open the page on the browser, it shows a blank page :3 help!

Ronny Landsverk says:

It seems many have problems with the http server when using a browser as a client.
I can “telnet” to the server, e.g. “telnet localhost 8001” and get response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
welcome to HTTP server

but when i connect via a browser (localhost:8001) the browser is blank…
However, when replacing close() with pclose(), then the browser will display the html code.
Why ? BTW I use Cygwin64 and the compiler warned about close()…

anupam karn says:

how to print the whole entity body (i.e “last modified, date etc”) in server response?

will9020 says:

Awesome video! I’m working on the HTTP_Client project and when i run the code, i get a “segmentation fault” error… Any ideas? I’m running Ubuntu 18

CookieMonster666 says:

Really great and helpful series of tutorials. Thank you a lot for all the effort you’ve put in there.

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