Step-by-step ASP.NET MVC Tutorial for Beginners

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Want to learn ASP.NET MVC 5 from scratch in a fun, step-by-step and pragmatic way? Watch this tutorial and get started.

Table of Content:

00:00 Introduction
02:48 ASP.NET MVC Architecture
05:31 Setting Up the Development Environment
07:38 Your First ASP.NET MVC 5 App
14:34 MVC in Action
21:18 Adding a Theme
26:49 Action Results
31:47 Action Parameters
37:42 Convention-based Routing
42:58 Attribute-based Routing
46:27 Passing Data to the Views
50:30 View Models
54:19 Razor Views
58:38 Partial Views

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Ritwik Math says:

I am using Studio 2017, when I change the bootstrap theme the navigation bar is not working properly.

Praveen Nishad says:

Happy Guru Purnima Sir…. thank you for such a true guidelines which makes me more calculated & accurate to live life.

John McGovern says:

Thank you Mosh. I learned about decorating the method with the [Route()] attribute, the modelview and if @ClassName is null in the cshtml view the h2 will not render to the browser.

Sergio Domingues says:

Where is the pdf?

sharingkapoting1981 says:

Mosh – you are my favorite teacher / guru / professor/ instructor….I love your videos on Udemy! thanks for an amazing job! you are gifted in teaching..very rare quality

rahual kapoor says:

aby hindi main bol le bawle kuch samjh nahi aa raha bakwas

Maryam Shokrollahi says:

مرسی استاد 🙂

Tamrat Tefera says:

Hi, i’m new to, could you please explain how you imported the css file? Thanks.

Collins Eban says:

Nice video, suggest beginners lookup other easier explanations tho before coming to watch this, it could get confusing for beginners

Ddd Rrr says:

Line 1: < %@ Application Codebehind="Global.asax.cs" Inherits="Vidly.MvcApplication" Language="C#" %> help with this?

Damipe TIWO says:

it 2018 cant find web essentials not help

Ashish Sharma says:

can anybody help to copy bootstrap-lumen.css file under content folder?
thanks in advance

Abedi Jay says:

How do I direct a user to another page after Login which he cant update or delete ?

Empristis47 says:

So what is the content difference between this course and your pluralsight courses? Does the knowledge overlap? I can’t decide if am getting this one or the pluralsight course first. Also how different are things in 2018, as I see this video is now 2 years old. Thanks

miro hristov says:

Man, you are rock star! I got this course from UDemy! Thanks for the great course 😉

Python Django says:

Sir mosh please make course on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Helix says:

“Beginners”, *3-5 months of c# experience*

CH UMAR says:

i am also want to learn
at Beginners

Mrinal Kumar says:

Hey @mosh thank you for all your help on this course. Can you please make a crash course on MVC like you did for angular. Thanks in advance!!

Alex says:

Okay so i bought the course on udemy. How many chapters do i need to skip to get to the continuation?

Muhammad Ali Shan says:

VS 2017 is missing startup.cs but global.asax still exists

Ex Wife says:

hi mosh..i did every detail u teach to change my bootstrap css but sadly i have no home, application and contact label can i fix it?

Ivan Derlich says:

Thanks Mosh for all the tools you gave me to defend myself in the labor market!

ambuj dixit says:

How do we do it in visual studio 2017 it looks so so different

Johan Botha says:

This is so well presented, I’ll go look and see if you have any training on Razor Pages in Udemy. Perhaps you can point me in tbe right direction.

Odilon says:

99$ for one singe course? You are mad man.

Ritwik Math says:

Changed layout.cshtml to following then the menu was showing properly
< !DOCTYPE html>

@ViewBag.Title – My ASP.NET Application


© @DateTime.Now.Year – My ASP.NET Application

@RenderSection(“scripts”, required: false)

Nicat Nazirov says:

bootstrap-lumen dont work properly on my application.i see only application name other sections are hided .who knows what is the problem? i get the lumen file from github of mosh it works fine.but when i save lumen from that file doesnt work properly.and i compare those lumen from bootswatch and from the project of Mosh there are many differences.

Rik Hoofs says:

The expression/code around 45:10 gave me an error. I think the code should be: [Route(“movies/released/{year:regex(\d{4})}/{month:range(1,12)}”)]. Great tutorial, helped me a lot to understand the basics of MVC.

James Iliff says:

Thanks for the video. I get this error when I debug.Line 1:  < %@ Application Codebehind="Global.asax.cs" Inherits="HelloWorld.MvcApplication" Language="C#" %>

Joshua M says:

what are the fonts and colors of your display items in text editor?
I would really appreciate it you share the color scheme.

Abdul Mannan Nasir says:

Hi Mosh
bootstrap lumen not working correctly any idea why it does not apply css correctly on pages like navigation bar.. I am using VS 2017 professional..

Daniel W says:

If you had one chance to refactor everything you ever wanted, would you capture it, or let it slip?

Kyle Marcus Enriquez says:

Awesome tutorial! Have you considered having that background music play while you’re doing the tutorial? It kind of lets me concentrate more but maybe that’s just me lol

Agatha Settham says:

ONE OF BEST MVC Tutorial out here

M. Rebsamen says:

I’ve wasted the whole day now because that theme just wont work here… what is this crap?! the browser shows a ton of errors in the css…. did they change something in VS2017?!

Sergio Domingues says:

47:10 just right click the name of the action and click “go to view”

Youtube Watchers says:

@21:16, “Register” and “Login” tabs are missing.
PLEASE help me.

Penniel Joy Balverde says:

This is the first tutorial video I’ve watched in ASP.Net MVC and it’s not hard to understand. Thanks, Mosh!

Abolfazl Ghavidel says:

BIG Like To You Persian Man 🙂

dublux says:

stop sainge data to controllers, can’t watch that…

Vinoth Durairaj says:

Hi, By this approach when first time fetching data from db its take much time but next time its fetch fast.

scar face says:

When i open my Controllers map i only have HomeController class?

Haseeb Sheikh says:

After replacing the default template with lumen all things of the template are working but navigation bar is not displaying in the way that it should be.

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