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The computer programming tutorial you are about to see is one in a series developed by 24 hour answers, with the idea of helping students learn in a simple, easy, and convenient format.

Today we examine structs.


emmanuel segura says:

nice video, but please change your programming OS.

Meko Katsuragi says:

Room createRoom cannot be declare as a prototype =.=?

yichalal amnalew says:

Thanks a lot. This was really helpful

mavieth says:

the keyboard sound drives me insane. 

Ryan Fleming says:

Thats the C89 or C99 (I forget which) standard. In many of the IDE’s like codeblocks you can change that in the Compiler Settings to allow for the modern C11 (or whatever I forget which again) standard

Recycle Bin says:

finally, a tutorial without a fucking indian talking!

Anton Smirnov says:

You can learn C/C++ right on your iPhone/iPad. It’s the first and the only offline C/C++ IDE & Compiler on iOS!
No jailbreak required, no internet connection required, no ads, free(mium) app.

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Marinus Kelfkens says:

Thank you thank you thankyou

Mr. Fisherman says:

I have no idea what you did there?

Mikki Whistler says:

This is amazing, thank you so much!

Alexander K says:

Why are you using pointers for the characters for the strings?

Mike Scott says:

please don’t use system pause to wait for input

Asonganyi Derick says:

how can we implement bitmap indexing in c programming?

Mihalis Tsangaris says:

Really good work keep it up 🙂 I might not be as pro like that but ill sure appreciate a visit to my channel, maybe subscribe ? 🙂

bmgag19 says:

why is C not considered object oriented but you can make objects using structs?

Augustin Bunani says:

I keep getting this unknown type name ‘Room’ error during compilation, do you have any idea how to fix it.
 And an “Incompatible types when returning type ‘Struct Room’ but int was expected return r”. I’ve looked over the code and I have no idea what courses it. If you have any ideas I would appreciate it.

Tim Drake says:

What does printf(house.address) do?

Gaurav poudel says:

What sort of keyboard is that?????

Barbara Ceglédi says:

I have to ask: why did you set h.rooms[i] to NULL?
It’s not really clear… :

dogdutyascetic says:

This comment is offensive. Please remove it.

Diabound says:

Visual Studio 2010.

Muhammad Roxan says:

i didnt understand shit

黄文伟 says:

can you solve  the ” hall ” code.

Madhur Tipnis says:

What compiler are you using?

MBlu3 says:

pointers are killing me. *p = the value stored at the adress pointed by p, p = the adress of the location pointed to.

Seems simple, but when in practice, it’s destroying my brain, especially combined with structs. When and why do I need to use pointers as arguments … etc

tehpr0lol says:

gcc seems to want the i declared outside of the for loop. So I just added ‘int i;’ after the include statements, and set ‘i = 0’ in the loops.

TheGreat Guru says:

Great vid !!! keep it up …. !!!
Oh , just one question , what’s the editor you are using in this video ?

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