The DNA 250c brings us the brand new Replay function which is pretty darn exciting! I figured it would be a prime time to have an interview with Brandon from Evolv to let us know more about the new more efficient board, and the company itself!

Time Stamps:
About Evolv – 2:05
Why ‘Replay’ – 11:41
What the Replay function looks like -14:51
Is Replay Temp Control? – 16:44
Which wires can Replay use? – 21:05
Can the Replay functionality be used in other products? – 25:16
Cost – 27:46
The Wattage! – 30:57
Available for the DNA 75c? – 36:38

The Evolv Forum:

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mrphilip says:

Thank you for doing this interview. Could you send a message to Brandon- it might help us reach more smokers if they did an interview with a publication like GQ, Esquire, Cigar Aficionado, Forbes (they do cover vaping well)… people need to hear this story- if Playboy put out a mod, some mass media adult publication could really help win over more analog users. Thanks Dean.

Sp4ng0 says:

That was great, thanks for the info/insight

Mike Labonte says:

replay has completely changed the way I’ve vaped for the last 8 years. once you fully understand setting it up the first time before you activate it in order to get your perfect hit. it’s so unbelievably simple and seamless. the only thing I have to think about is adding juice when my rta is empty. no matter what you do every hit is going to be perfect . if I chain vape three hits , or pick it up first thing in the morning, it’s always identical. you could chain vape a whole tank dry . one of the cool things it also helps is when you want to switch flavors. I nailed a perfect build in my rta over a week ago. and I don’t like pulling it all apart to switch cotton when it’s working so well. now I can just about vape every drop of the old juice out of the wick and never burn it or get a dry hit. just about zero flavor carries over. and it’s only for a few puffs. when I heard this was one of the most important things that happened to vaping I called bullshit. but it’s not. I couldn’t go back to standard wattage again

Richard Larsen says:

Thank you Dean, very interesting.

Emily O'Neill says:

Great interview and subject. Found it fascinating. Love my DNAs but never really used temp control. Just had too much to do so am buzzing to try replay on my DNA 75c bf. Thank you Dean for doing it

Tomas Wolsink says:

Very good upload i Just have the paranormal pearlfish 250c DNA mod from lost vape the best chip there is on the moment, even beter then my Vaporflak sx350 wich i aslo a very decent and amazing mod

Kiddbass says:

Thanks Dean, this is going to take vaping to a new level where your favorite puff can be repeated over and over. Looking forward on seeing reviews on mods with he DNA 250c board.I think this new technology will be a game changer and make it easy enough for everyone to enjoy!

Michal Babič says:

Yada Yada Yada, when is the update for 75c going to be available for users around the world?

badaszewski says:

Great questions

JUMP23MΔN says:

Can’t wait to pick up a 250c device… I do wish they made a bigger screen down the line!

Tim Baxter says:

Can’t wait to get a 250c and software for the 75c to use replay.

stephen Dineen says:

Is everdine you’re very good I’ve learnt some new things replay looking to find out what else is going to be new on the market

Dooney58 says:

Will a 200w dna250c have the same ramp up time as the 400w dna250c?

Mark Stave says:

Waiting (waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting) c’mon already take my money!

Don Burton says:

Thanks Dean and Brandon! Can’t wait until Lost Vapes comes out with it. hopefully there will be a 20650 Therion and Triade using the Evolve 250C board

Drifted Cowboy says:

My 75 hits poorly.

Dieter Pomberger says:

Great great great. Can’t wait 🙂

Daniel Roach says:

I use my 75c squonker religiously single coil of corse. This 250c in a nice dual battery squonker. Perfection. Dean awesome interview man.

Bruce Bruce 420 says:

Yeah get a good color combo Therion 75c for the price. WAY better mod for the money. This thing looks cheap as fuck. Dont know if the older Paranormal color board was even this cheap.

miguel rice says:

Absolutely great video an can’t wait to see what else evolv has in the works

flea rider says:

an absolute brilliant blog .. well done that man .. or should I say men .. looking forward to the 75c version asked all the right questions and got all the right answers  🙂

bombshelboy says:

I’m sold, I want a DNA 250c LOL

Jennifer Harbin says:

Evolv has the best customer service ever. I had a mod I got 2nd hand on EBay and it quit working, because I charged it w/ a non DNA cord….sent them an email telling them the issue, I had a battery warning and the mod wouldn’t stay on. These guys fixed the mod that at the time I sent it in was more than a yr. old, for free. This is why I only buy Dna’s. I think I own 10 now. I know the price point may be higher, but they stand behind their equipment.

Hazozita says:

Thank you Dean – excellent interview. Can’t wait to see what Evolv comes up with next!

David Houchin says:

I still do not own any other chip than a DNA, good stuff

Abdul Rahman says:

To be very honest I own DNA75C and YIHI SX550J , but I do like the DNA boards for temp control . but YIHI has the cruve to draw our own vaping style but hard to spot that. So EVOLV has done that with 250, so hopefully it is the winner .

Obsessive Vape Collective says:

Its going to a great edition to the 75C board especially with 75C sqounker mods ,
no dry hits when your needing a re-sqounk which can happen as your enjoying your vape,
but not wanting to over Sqounk,

Dnns84 says:

Tnx for the vid! I have mulitple DNA devices since I prefer vaping on TC, but the fiddling also sometimes drives me crazy. I only have non colour devices so I ordered a 75C squonker and I’m really looking forward to the replay feature. Hopefully they can somehow make it work for the DNA250, but I doubt it since that would hurt them when it comes to marketing the colour board.

Raymond Bramzel says:

wish the 250C and in due course updated 75C has at least three replay memory settings as my TC settings with wattage being different for RTAs, RDAs and MTLs. Also I wish I can also set the temperature at 435 F and then the wattage before pressing the Replay memory setting. For me personally, I will stick to YiHi boards for the time being with 5 memory settings for the TC mode

FreaKq says:

I noticed you mentioned purging. Now if you purge and take a hit, find that sweet spot and hit replay. Will it maintain that hit even if you don’t purge there after?

Darren Ankney says:

what mod are you using in the video? That silver one I mean…

Shawn Thomas says:

Just curious as to why you never reviewed that Block 22.

china33ful says:

Fantastic Q&A!

Smokey D says:

Just got my first Dna device today, the Lost Vape Paranormal Dna250c project sub ohm edition. Absolutely love it so far.

Eevult Glunvults says:

400watts? Challenge accepted!

Maurizio B says:

Being clever about this, i think the device senses when a wick is wet or dry. I see no interviews about this but if they can measure resistance difference between puffs at constant wattage, clearly if they see that after a certain history of curves then the wick is preventing the resistance to grow as usual they must also know you just dripped. I was intrigued to know how you could have the same experience from a wet or dry coil but this must be it. Can you or evolve confirm 🙂

Richard Pickering says:

Its always the same with Evolv… Should be getting John to explain technicals and not Brandon.. No offense meant to you Brandon.

Izi Izree says:

always love DNA. bought 75 and now changed to 250c paranormal. you go DNA!

Wylie Wiggins says:

Am I the only one feeling an Evolv tank system coming on here? Waiting patiently with my 75C. 😀

Dean, I’m not getting notifications of your uploads just to let you know.

Vikram Channa says:

Cool vid, Dean! Thanks for doing this excellent interview. Big thanks also to Brandon for allowing the interview and taking the time to discuss a little of Evolv’s history, its (err…) evolution, and how that eventually led to the Replay feature. And obviously mega big thanks to John and the tech team at Evolv for doing all the hard work to make that possible.

David Wickes says:

Cool interview. Both my Therion 75s have issues so I lost faith in the value of a DNA chip. Saying that, the interview went some way to restoring my faith in Evolve! Note: my issues are with Lost Vapes construction, with the exception of the micro USB port which is part of the chip.

Rinaldo Jonker says:

what future mods will have the dna 250 c chip and when do you think it will start being available?
thank you.

Dr PennsylvaPia says:

Always love watching his interviews. Dean you were a real professional in the execution of the interview. I think you asked all of the right questions and you were smart because you let him talk. Too many interviewers just blab and want to try and show how much they know and it ruins the interview. Excellent job. I am sorry I did not get around to watching this video sooner BUT I am about to buy a somewhat expensive squonker and I was stuck between 2 choices and after now understanding what and how easy replay is to use I am 100% certain I made up my mind to go with the squonker that has the 250c board so thanks for that.

Peter Wallace says:

Thanks Dean and please pass on to Brandon. Have started playing with the Mac Escribe on non-c DNA boards and works well. Looking forward to my first 75c device soon. Will be interesting to see how to incorporate the Replay into some of these customised themes.

Bruce Bruce 420 says:

The new vape looks cheap as fuck…. Price better be below $100 lol

Heyco HH says:

Thank you Dean and Brandon! I’m looking forward to the new technology.

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