Unreal Engine C++ Tutorial – Episode 1: Classes

Remaking the basics series for the newest version of the unreal engine, since some of the code is now outdated/deprecated.

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IncrementTimesTwo Alternate says:

wait why did you make SM_MyMesh a pointer? its not like you did SM_MyMesh = &CreateDefaultSubobject(TEXT(“MyMesh”))

so why did you make it a pointer?

Mikeh Miiikeh says:

a basic question:
Why did you declared SM_MyMesh as a pointer?…


bak j says:

Only need to study c++?

Caleb Foster says:

This is much better than your earlier stuff. Thanks

0vrStart says:

Please stick to explaining code in future videos. Make explanations of UE4 a separate series. I’m coming from blueprints so i know all that, just need to know the code stuffs.

kenneth 92 says:

There are no unreal engine c++ 2D tutorials, we should master 2D before learning 3D. There are 2D tutorials using blueprints for Game Designers and lazy programmers.

krtek says:

fuck c++ totally cunt laguage

roy alexander says:

it took me a while to seach up the code but once i got what it all meant i was like “holly shit this is awesome”

sid says:

I know C++ (syntax wise), but when I go to write my own code I am just confused. Do you just use the API and google to find out what to write? How did you know which functions you needed when assigning to SM_MyMesh?

Darren Williams says:

Im guessing this series died? Also, the quality of the vids are bad, the text is blurry and cant really be read.

C Scott says:

At first, I thought this dude the biggest surfer douche bro, then I realized he’s from NZ or Australia lmaoooo

Adeojo Kiibati says:

If you are learning from this tutorial I advice you download the version 4.12.5

Starlord says:

why are they calling it actor….?
i can’t believe that the makers of these games don’t know what an actor is..
i bet they just Call them superstars and actors have ceased to exist 😛

J Combrink says:

His wallpaper is binary for RBN, I was curious…

Razzuri Gaming says:

Question witch version of visual studio does unreal engine use?

bluemond100 says:

I just absolutely lost in at the part where he was like, “rip all the people wearing headphones” xD

K says:

shouldnt we be learning about variables and loops and methods first?

edit: wait, wrong class

1TruePronomon says:

… I would love to know how to set the mesh of the object via code…. KMN

RollWithThePunches - says:

what accent? it sounds like a mix of british, australian, and californian xD great vid

Rapid Modz says:


Gaminachi Gamer9055 says:

I have a problem which is that when I open my visual studio 2017 the source file are in C#
so anybody can help me??

Zion Dodhiawala says:

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Darcy O'Queef says:

The lack of multi threading support makes me want to jump over to UE right about now. Honestly feel GMS2 price tag doesn’t justify the feature updates from 1.4

Jeffthydinosaur says:

best unreal engine/c++ VID i Have seen

John Wreed says:

Fantastic tutorial, Reuben! Really appreciate you take the time to explain things out.



Blackbyrd says:

I got to 9:30 when I get the following error and compile failure: “UBT Error: failed to produce item.”

francois dufranc says:

i would love to subscribe, but you do that sound with your mouth that makes me freaks out…. soo fucking bad… wtf

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