Using Arithmetic Operators – C Programming Tutorial 07

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In this tutorial, we have explained how to use arithmetic operators to perform arithmetic in a C program.

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KomsKala Kangeman says:

come on man,,,,, why you so awesome?
i learn allot here man, i am not expect in it but i am starting so hope that you will be my best teacher , millions thanks ,

Amel AH says:

what program is he using to execute it?

Krishna Vinuthna says:

why do u write int main(), why not void main()

billhsiau says:

excuse me , Does the subtitles generate automatically?

Gaurav Dubey says:

Which pad you use to demonstatre with stylus or pen tablet .. that will be very useful for making digital notes . 

Ajay Singhmar says:

Very well sir

Govinda Sakhare says:

Please tell me how can i download those MyCodeschool’s Github  gists?

Patata Studios says:

why didnt he use return 0

rabiyah mughal says:

amazingggg…..its really awesome

loveusoc says:

You are the best!!!!  Please make more C videos.  

I React to Everything ! says:

Is C++ the same as C programming ????

Just A Vid says:

Why does it give me an error while using the symbol ‘%’ and using the data type as float?

AYBIN. V. K says:


Tanay Narshana says:

if parenthesis has the greatest priority, how will I explain the statement:
as interchange of values of a and b?

Ajay Kashyap says:

excellent expalanation

Pradnil Kamble says:

why % sign ( to find an remainder) used in floating or double data gives and error ?

Vijayan K says:

I following your classes.can you upload the video for bitwise operator?sir..i need that

刘炯 says:

Would you mind tell me what computation you’re using to convert your codes?

love hearts says:

You’re the best teacher ever

aakash singh says:

Hi! I’m new to programing.
Why he did not changed int main() into float or double main()?

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