While Loop statements in C Language – C Programming Tutorial

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Agenda of this Video:
What is While Loop?
Why is While loop called Pre-tested Loop?
Evolution of while loop?
Different programs on while loop?

Few programs we explained clearly, find it in Video:
The sum of first N numbers.
Factorial of a Number
Print the number in reverse
Multiplication Table
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Ankush Soni says:

thank u sir for helping

Srinivasarao Korla says:

sir pls while tracing the programme pls tell that how that loop is being executed

prashant maitra says:

thank you very much .

sabbir reza says:


int main()
int n;
int facto;
scanf(“%d”,& n);
while(n) // when n= 0 work as false in while loop
facto *= n;
printf(“%d”, facto);
return 0;

this is easy way to find factorial in while loop

skshlok mahto says:

Thank you !

Varsha M says:

thank you sir for this wonderful tutorial…

Saurabh Raj NIkhil says:

Plzz start with fresh page… When u r writing another progrmm….. Its really ditchy wen u edit old stuffs n write new things in it

Usman Khan says:

Thank you i know it’s very latter world but you’re great sir ..

Foysal Ajim says:

This is one of the best way of explanation… you described everything so clearly for the beginer to understand the algorithm and the logic behind the code!!!!
Thanks a lot

Elizabeth S says:

superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sir keep teaching like this and some more logic

Furious Libertarian says:

what is current here??

שלום שמש says:

i am very glad-full for this lesson keep teaching and helping for stuents gad bless you

緑先輩音楽 says:


Shawn Harvey says:

Ur the best

anupoju mukesh says:

Awesome teaching sir……. Sir.. Can I know where did you get that pdf of examples for every loops…. Please sir…..

Mohammed Faraz says:

Sir I can’t tell you how happy I am. I hated programming before. But now after watching your video!! Im addicted to code.
Dil se dua nikli hai ek teacher k liye first time.

Raj Kumar Paudel says:

Nice presentation..love it


Awesome teaching

Vicky Kumar says:

why don’t u share tutorial on c++

puma blacky says:

fabulous no one teach this deep concept like you did. you helped me a lot thank you very much

Koustav Roy says:

how += or *= works

Anon ymous says:

can anyone tell me is it nesecary to takea temporay number in program such as factorial?????

yahye yare says:

very helpful

Nishant Aochar says:

honestly want to say…
god bless you!!

Saspian Sparrow says:

sir can you please tell me which compiler you are using?

mahmud usman says:

I really enjoy your tutorial sir

Sai Devadula says:

thank u fr such nice video

Alfrick Opidi says:

Thanks for the tutorial, I’ve learn’t a lot.

M Ardelean says:

You are a natural, clear, concise. thumbs up.

hasan murzak says:

( : this vedio very useful but , could you give me book name that you use
thanks sir from the bottom of my heart

Dinesh Kumar says:

heartly regards for such inevitable and innovative session …………… best explanation regarding loops ever………
no need of sir or lecturer, if this page is alive round the clock all the day throughout the year to excel in programming logical skills

Prachi Namdev says:

best tutorial among all… this one helped me lot…thank u soo mch

Tyler Sosh says:

Does the video go into a while loop within a while loop? If not could you point me in the direction of a good tutorial that features a while loop operating within another while loop?

Sam Juma says:

this is awesome men….you just made things easier for me…. could plz recomend the best compiler in c

Official KJR says:

sir! are the courses on your website free I wanna enroll in wether they’re or not ?

Kimani Wa Ndirangu says:

Thank you so much for these content-rich training videos.

Aaron Dan says:


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