Writing and executing your first program: C Programming Tutorial 03

Video on how to install gcc:

see complete series on C programming here:

In this lesson, we have written a simple program in ‘C’ to print “Hello World” on screen. We have used gcc compiler to compile our program.

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bazooka1hitko says:

 test.c:1:8: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘<' token

Ronide1000 says:

i have a problem, please help me. I did everything but ‘a’ flie wouldn’t create
this is what i get
gcc: fatal error: no input files
compilation terminated.

c:usersRondell>cd c:my code

c:my code>gcc HelloWorld.C
HelloWorld.c:In function ‘int main()’ :
HelloWorld.C:6:10: error: ‘0’ was not declared in this scope

Juan Sebastian MH says:

my program doesn’t flash when I doble click it instead, the cursor just keep charging indefinitely like waiting for something to happens. And the same happen on cmd, it doesn’t print anything the cursor just keep blinking indefinitely and nothing happens. I’m pretty sure there are no mistakes on the program what else can be? help! 🙁

Kelvin Nguruku says:

its the best fast lesson,thankyou

Abhinav Srivastav says:


Jaya Sri says:

when i’m trying to compile my program it shows as “The program can’t start because zlib1.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.”
i tired 3 or 4 times but it always shoes like that.please Tell me how to install gcc correctly for windows7

Muthu Rajesh says:

thanks for giving a wonderful. teaching

Original Games says:

my problem :(( please mycodeschool please skype:niikkson1var add me please please

Mr. Griffin says:

Dear myschoolcode,
thank you very much for an awesome guide up till now, however, i was having a problem executing the .C file in cmd and when I removed the statement “return 0” from my code it perfectly worked. Can you please let me know why is so??

jawbone2000 says:

this is a really good series, thanks

7 Legend says:

my teacher explain this I did not understand this just cleared all good job

Saima Ayoub says:

V nice sir

Edgardo Muniz says:

when I press “enter” after writing “gcc (the name of my program)” i get an error message. may this be because the program has an error?

Sebi Nechita says:

Why did you go to such basic things from what you were foing before?..aren’t you supposed to go to more complex things?…there are tons of beginner c tutorials out there…yours was a little more advanced…why did you stop that?..anyone can explain the basics but you know how to explain more important staff..

Sebi Nechita says:

Good:))…I got scared there for a while:)) because your videos helped a lot up to now..thx:)

Adarsh Ravindran says:

instead of int main(), can we use void main()?.if yes why?????

Sukhdeep Bhangu says:

good job

Malick Adeel says:

Thank You Sir.. So I clear My Topic Via Your this Vedio of C Program

sumeru gebise says:

ever best teaching method..


its nice to initialize the progmng lesn

namrata yadav says:

thnks for videos

annapurna saikia says:

excellent way of teaching…

Christopher says:

Very clear explanation! Thank you!

mycodeschool says:

Hi Sebinechita,
We are not going to stop publishing tutorials on advanced stuff. Its just that, we want to create a completeness in experience. So, trying to put some basic stuff as well. Anyway, feedback taken. 🙂 We will try to push more on advanced stuff.

HASH R says:

Stay be blessed. With lot of respect from Pakistan,

bazooka1hitko says:

this is what i get whn i type gcc
gcc: fatal error: no input files
compilation terminated.

Satish singh says:

what an awsm xplation. . . .really nice job

AYBIN. V. K says:


Kevin Ashimwe says:

is it ok if i use codeblocks ?

Superman says:

sir! return 0; is use to c++, in c language we are use to getch() and getche()
plz sir tell me, if you know that different them.

Jashwanth Yarrarapu says:

You can do the defination with
Void main()

don Sankar says:

your tutorial is awesome……. really i’ve gotten deep knowledge in this ..
where have you posted other tutorials next to 3 ,

yehoantan levi says:

Thanks man You helped alot!!

Anuradha bharti says:

Very good explaination

prisoneroftech says:

Good stuff. I appreciate all the work you are doing by Teaching us. Thank you.

Saurabh Athalye says:

Really very good videos. Its excellent lecture series for beginners…

Deekshith Pothedar says:

Awesome explanation..

沈祥壮 says:


Abm Hasib says:

can i use code block

. says:

Awesome tutorial/explanations 😀

sai vardhan reddy says:

Thanq bro

Naveenkumar Gutam says:

Finally I got a good school

Alqween Alkhaledi says:

Hello , thanks for the wonderfull teaching ..csn i ask you to help me with something plz ?

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