XBee Basics – Lesson 1 – General Information and Initial Setup

Link to my quick reference guide:

This is lesson 1 out of 5 where I will be teaching you the basics of XBee. In this lesson I cover general information about XBee and go through the initial setup steps.

Parts recommended from this video:

XBee Adapter Kit

FTDI Cable

XBee S2 Module


Muwaffaq Usman says:

whats the difference between AT and API modes

Yogi Januardi says:

hy sir, i using xbee and send any at command, but i didn’t send ATWR.
yesterday, if i sent +++ i will get response OKr.
if i send ATAP1 i will get response OKr.
but today, if sent +++ i get no response from xbee.
i have no idea about that. all of my electronic circuit is good.
Vcc xbee 3,3 volt, tx 3.3 volt. can you help me?

Tshepo Punchlyner Monere says:

am using the new version of X-CTU and the modules i have are core2530 zigbee modules but still no luck. How can I do it?

Lucas Murphy says:

So you’ve been running your xbees at 5 volts in the video, while the spec sheet says to not exceed 3.6 volts. Following your tutorial, I also ran them at 5 volts with no problems. I only recently found the voltage requirements. Do you know why they seem to work okay at 5 volts?

Neerendra Singh says:

Really nice video…Thanks

Ragesh R says:

you are really awesome Mann
loved the tutorials

Evo Archer says:

Hey man, very cool videos. Love your teaching style and the clarity. I found myself watching the entire series in one night. I’m definitely going to follow you on your blog 🙂

Subhojit Bose says:

Is this xbee series 1 or xbee series 2???

Eden Jane Tico says:

nice tutorial, is this also applicable to xbee s1?

miodice3 says:

join venmo – i dont see the donate link on your blog and this is really helpful

behzad j says:

Hello , Thanks a million for creating such an outstanding clip and also your invaluable efforts toward illustrating the subject. I have a question which has been tickling my mind for so long, but before I ask it I have to confess that it doesn’t specifically relate to this product. It’s about a pair of ProBee ZE10C modules. These are a wee bit older than XBee modules. To cut a long story short, I could run them perfectly but my problem is that when I config them after a while their settings turn back to the factory mode and I have to set them again! This has been driving me crazy! I’ve gone through its datasheet for like 100 times! But don’t know what I’ve done wrong! You know I save the commands by putting ATZ command, and at the end I reboot them, then for a short while they work well. I’ll be so thrilled to see your recommend. I also do apologize for taking your time man.

Fernanda Vergara says:

Very well structured tutorial. Thank you.

Mert Can Sağırkaya says:

hi, I want to transmit my voice by using xbee and arduino. Is it possible.

Muharrem BARAN says:

Which Xbee’s do you recommend at 300 m height for sending datas to computer? Please do help me!

jpalm32 says:

The best Vid on Xbee!

Yuriy Kurchavov says:

Does it also work for XBee Pro S3B?

zain ali says:

can we control multiple servos wireless using xbee

Locke Lamora says:

Can you avoid the adapter kit by connecting the 3.3V pin on the Arduino directly to the Xbee?

Ming Feng Tay says:

Hi, great videos! However, is it possible if you could remake another series of XBee Basics using the new XCTU or perhaps make a video tutorial on XCTU? Thanks and have a nice day!



Luffy Naruto says:

It is a great video. But I have a problem I am using a Romeo V2 all in one micro controller, and I am trying to use the Xbee, but it is not working could you help me with this problem please

Rishabh Tyagi says:

which version of XCTU software are you using

mahm as02 says:

All I can say is that you are a star…

Katerina says:

Hi, if we don’t have an adaptor like the one you showed, can we connect the xbee directly to the arduino with just male to female cables?
Thanks in advance

Earl Bread 얼빵 says:

Thanks for your video. Is it possible to get RSSI from Xbee module with arduino?

Karan Bhatia says:

Hey,can we use Xbee instead of ESP modules.??

Ambient Soda says:

great job!

Marshall says:

In your tuts you use Arduino; is it difficult to switch out the Arduino for use of a Raspberry Pi A+ ?

Atanley lolo says:

hello,can i connect 3 xbee in a mesh network?thanks

Manisha Acharya says:

You are just amazing

Manish Agrawal says:

It was an awesome video.

Adam Unruh says:

It seems like the newest version of x-ctu changed the ID from a PAN ID to what says ssid ID, I am confused by that. Also to change the MY I had to change the IP to “static” it is very confusing now that digi released this new version of x-ctu, none of these older tutorials seem to make sense anymore.

Sourav Kamboj says:

tnx a lot sir.i have learnt so many things from ur videos nd during these days I m doning work on a robot which will play soccer.  tnq….

Ihda ghea adhiba says:

do you know how to connect xbee to vpn server? what is the gateway of xbee to connect vpn server?

please answer, thank you

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