Delphi 7 Timers Tutorial

NOTE: Me and a friend of mine opened up a new YouTube channel for programming,gaming and tips for Mac operating system,please visit : to check it out 🙂
Best regards,Alex
A tutorial on how to manipulate objects in Borland Delphi 7 for Windows using timers.


Aleksandar Kahriman says:

Nema na cemu,ako te zanima programiranje,imam jos jedno 5-10 tutoriala na novom kanalu,zove se ITLectures 🙂

strandzolina kovacevic says:

i ja isto 😀 prepoznaje se 😀

Ami ISRI says:

Great *_* Thank u so much !!

Binary Chains 01 says:

how to make a web browser using delphi

Keffelew Assefa says:

Thank you.

r4jk3 says:

takodje!! 🙂

Aleksandar Kahriman says:

Sorry for the late response,i was away for a week.Well,its the same logic.You got one traffic light for each direction.So make two of these like i did in my video,and edit the code a bit(code on the timers).When you start make the red light shine on one of them and green on other and then just add a bit code to the timers to do switching for both of them instead of only one.

Vanko 1 says:

why the fuck nothing appears i mean it appers but i cant see anything even a move wtff

Aleksandar Kahriman says:

Whats up guys? I am delighted to tell all of you that liked this video,commented and even subscribed to my channel that I opened up a new channel with my friend William.
You can check out the videos we uploaded so far by clicking on the link in the description (channel name is IT Lectures).
Thanks for the support,it was the amount of views,likes and comments in this video that inspired me to do so,

Beau Baquzza says:

i hopeful for learning in delphi7
when i see u
in thailand so less programing people
and i hope to thai language version 

Sorry my English is poor+++

Slobodan Nikolic says:

Hello 🙂 Can you help me to make a  stopwatch or alarm in Delphi with sounds ?? Program must make noise after certain time like a clock

BitmasterXor says:

Dude you did an amazing job with your video, why did you not take this further and try to teach people Delphi as a language ?

The Cake of Doom says:

@CARLHALEY1964 you can probably find some sources to learn online

its not that hard

Oussamab Ben Kahla says:

hello 🙂 can you help me to realize an oscilloscope in borland Delphi 7, I’m trying to do my pfe and I need help to do that.
 thank you in advance 

MrGiasar says:

Thanks, helped me alot 🙂
btw: Im new to coding

Rowan Scherzinger says:

dude thanks for the great vid!! ps, i love ur accent!

TiiBags Tyler says:

OMG bro, you’re do MLG. Our IT class loves you <3

Christien Verboon says:

Thank you! I am doing an IT project at this moment, and this really helped!

killerdalek says:

Very good – I enjoyed that!

, BRONZE says:

My friend Is there a way for me to communicate with you

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