Delphi Programming Tutorial – Lesson 1: Getting Started with Delphi Programming

Delphi Programming Tutorial – Lesson 1: Getting Started with Delphi Programming:

Whether you’re just a beginner or whether you are expanding your skill set in Delphi programming, you now have access to many hours of easy-to-understand, concise video tutorials and hands on exercises to learn Delphi programming.

These tutorials are designed with school-going students (teenagers) in mind, but anybody interested in pursuing a programming career can benefit from our courses. Learners find our online video courses fun to watch and easy to understand.

The popularity of our Delphi programming e-learning courses is literally growing by the day. Grade 10 to 12 scholars currently enrolled in the program acknowledge the program as a first of its kind on the Internet.

Furthermore, our learners enjoy the convenience of having animated, visual tutorials that not only guide them towards success but also help them take responsibility for implementing, coordinating and managing their learning efforts.
With our online Delphi courses, you never have to match your schedule with that of an extra-class teacher. You can do our courses where ever and whenever you want – at your own pace and convenience!

Our tutorials are designed to optimise your learning experience. You will not only follow theoretical video tutorials – these courses are also packed with demonstrations and practices to enforce your knowledge and skills. You also get excellent tips and tricks to save you time and prepare you for exams and school assignments!

Even teachers find our courses very helpful. If you are a programming teacher, we are also looking forward to adding your name and the names of your learners to our ever-growing list of satisfied users.

In this tutorial (Learn Delphi Programming – Lesson 1: Getting Started with Delphi Programming), I introduce myself as your instructor and I tell you a little about myself as well as my programming and teaching experience. I also explain to you what you, as a beginner Delphi programmer, will learn in these Delphi videos, how to find the resources to getting started with Delphi programming, and how to use these lessons to optimise your learning experience.

In these videos I’m doing my demonstrations using Delphi 7, but since we are merely covering the fundamentals of Delphi programming, all the concepts you learn in these videos will be valid for later versions of Delphi too.

I tell you where you can find your own version of Delphi, but I also show you where you can find a free programming tool called Lazarus to do these lessons.
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Bob Johnson says:

Is the source code available for this course? I seem to be making some mistakes along the way but am having trouble finding them. Is there somewhere I can download the source of the finished code? Thank you!

Buks van Ellewee says:

Why, o why are we still caught up in the dead past. Delphi is dead and buried, but our schools still grind ahead in a dead language. The most used language in the industry, Java, has many free tools, books and tutorials for beginners available. At least then thy will learn something that will be useful later if they want to continue. Sigh….

biratheeban panneerchelvam says:

Hi how to create transparent desktop light weight app

Buks van Ellewee says:

Waarom, o waarom is ons vasgevang in die dooie verlede. Delphi is lankal begrawe, maar ons skole ploeter voort in ‘n dooie taal! Die mees gebruikte taal in die industrie, Java, het gratis programmatuur beskikbaar van alle soorte om nie te praat van boeke en lesse vir beginners nie. Ten minste leer hulle dan iets wat later bruikbaar sal wees. Sug….

LearnDelphi says:

I want to thank everybody that participated in these discussions – also to subscribers that sent “thank you’s” and words of encouragement. I’m a full-time Microsoft Certified Trainer at an IT college during the day, where I teach various programming languages and software development technologies. So, I only develop these videos lessons after-hours and in my free time – sometimes well into the night and early-morning hours.
YOUR words of appreciation and encouragement is what is driving me to want to continue with this service. YOU are the reason why I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills – and for that, I THANK YOU!
PLEASE: If you enjoyed a video lesson, show your appreciation by clicking/tapping the “LIKE” button or link!! You are also welcome to leave a comment. These videos are for the world to see, so I will also appreciate it if you share it with all your friends and classmates! Please also “LIKE” our Facebook page at:
What’s next!? I’m already busy with the plans for the next chapter of the DelphiSchools Video Coaching Programme!! This is what you can expect:
Lesson 27:           Input, Processing and Output
Lesson 28:           Drawing an IPO Table
Lesson 29:           Exercises – Drawing IPO tables
Lesson 30:           Understanding Data Types
Lesson 31:           Understanding Variables
Lesson 32:           Naming Variables
Lesson 33:           Declaring and Using Variables
Lesson 34:           Numeric Operators
Lesson 35:           Data Compatibility
Lesson 36:           Order of Precedence of Operators
Lesson 37:           Formatting Real Numbers
Lesson 38:           Receiving Input in an InputBox
Lesson 39:           Exercises – Working with Variables
Lesson 40:           Understanding Constants
Lesson 41:           Variable Duration
Lesson 42:           Variable Scope
Lesson 43:           Exercises – Working with Class-level Variables
Lesson 44:           Understanding TOE Charts
Lesson 45:           Drawing a TOE Chart
Lesson 46:           Exercises – TOE Charts
Lesson 47:           Tips and Tricks
Like the lessons in Chapter 1, I will publish these videos on a lesson-by-lesson basis – in other words, when I’m finished developing a lesson, and after testing it, I will load it on YouTube. I try to complete at least one lesson a week, but sometimes you may have to wait a little longer. The lessons in Chapter 2 will also be jam-packed with easy-to-understand analogies, high resolution graphics and animations, and fun-to-follow practices!
If you have not subscribed to this channel yet, I hope you will do so immediately – please join me in all the fun!
All the videos in Chapter 1 is available in the following playlist:

Kind regards
Gerhard Visagie

Victor Irikefe says:

Hello tutor, I’ve seen outstanding software developed by Delphi and wants to learn it by all means and at all cost. Now, where do I begin from, (in terms of software(s) to download) if I’m to learn from you?

tzviyuro says:


Hannzon Hubby says:

sir i am a beginner of this delphi learning how make gui, i just want to know how to disable the lines in memResult if there is no text typed in any edits
pls tell me how to do it

anton brink says:

Dit is so snaaks om iemand in afrikaans te sien op youtube.

Tuck Tuck says:

Thank you! Are your videos good for new Delphi versions (like Delphi 10.1 Berlin?)

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