Delphi Programming Tutorial – Unit 5.1: Exploring a Delphi Form

Delphi Programming Tutorial – Unit 5.1: Exploring a Delphi Form:

In this tutorial you learn about Delphi Forms in a Delphi VCL Forms Application. We explore a few properties for Forms, namely Name, Caption, Color, Width, Height, and Position. We also learn how to make a distiction between Forms and Units.

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Samantha Pikus says:

Please help. After I have saved the project file, the unit file and edited the form and clicked run, I get the strangest message….

I haven’t even written any code. What could it be?

Samantha Pikus says:

Hi Gerhard.  so I’ve realised that only if I create a brand new form, when I open Delphi i.e. Delphi now has 2 forms, then it runs.  Its a work around but do you have idea why it would do such a thing?

LearnDelphi says:

Samantha, many of my students ran into all kinds of problems with Delphi 7 on Windows Vista or later. This could be because of settings. Try setting the project output folder in Project->Options to something a limited account would have access to, such as somewhere under My DocumentsRAD StudioProjects.

Samantha Pikus says:

Hi Gerhard. The error message is:
Could not find Program, ‘C:UsersSammy PikusDesktopDelphi 11FormsExploringForms_p.exe’
By the way… I Am loving your videos. Using the study opps videos and it has given me the same problem. Have started with grade 11.

Kumar Sanu says:

dear how can we make….
1. object show & hide effect
2. master page
3.changing form translation effect
4. form border shadow like office 13
5.send mobile sms by pc

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