Delphi Programming Tutorial – Unit 5.2: Working with Multiple Forms In a Delphi Project

Delphi Programming Tutorial – Unit 5.2: Working with Multiple Forms In a Delphi Project:

In this tutorial we continue with the application that we started in the previous tutorial. You learn how to add another Form to your project and how to write code for a button to display an instance of the new Form.

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Shaygah Hendricks says:

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Denvan Fynn says:

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Adrian Venter says:

Hoe gebruik mens die data van die vorige form ?How do i use te data from the previous form
Like the cost on the 1st forn and then on the second form u use the data from form1 to only display the total cost

Juan Olivier says:

Is jy Afrikaans?

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Hanro50 says:

Just a note…Be careful when adding units that belong to forms you’ve created to the main “uses” heading as it could create loop back errors

Rather create a second “uses” heading under the implementation heading and add it there to avoid the errors I mentioned

Another side note if you get access violations when trying to access your second form, make sure the form you created gets made when you application starts up in your project’s .dpr file.

Program Main_p;

Main_u in ‘Main_u.pas’
Anotherform_u in ‘Another form_u.pas’

Application.mainformontaskbar := True;
Application.createform(Tform, form);
Application.createform(Tform2, form2);;

Yadishare Tutorial says:

very clear and nice tutorial sir

Arkadiusz N says:

Perfect prepared tutorial 🙂

Ricardo Fernandez says:

Thanks for the video tutorial!

Chummy Barrel says:

Dankie oom baie gehelp, my boek verduidelik nie soo goed!

Marco Nothnagel says:

Thank you! Keep making more awesome tutorials!!!

Lysergic says:

how do I find the project manager in Lazarus

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