Delphi Programming Tutorial – Unit 6.10: Exploring RichEdits (TRichEdit Class)

Delphi Programming Tutorial – Unit 6.10: Exploring RichEdits (TRichEdit Class):

We will learn about RichEdits (the TRichEdit class) in this video. We use a TRichEdit object to place a standard Windows rich text edit control on a Form. Rich text edit controls let the user enter, edit, format, print, and save text that includes variation in font and paragraph formatting.

TRichEdit has properties and methods to enter and work with rich text. TRichEdit does not provide any user interface components to make these formatting options available to the user. Programmers must implement the user interface components in their applications to surface the rich text capabilities of a TRichEdit object. To make this easier, a number of pre-defined standard actions operate on a rich edit control to perform common formatting tasks.

Rich Edit provides a simple Print method allowing you to programmatically print the (formatted) contents of the rich edit to the active printer – with a single line of code.

In this tutorial, we complete the Graphical User Interface for the Contact Information project that we worked on in previous tutorials. We add a TRichEdit on our Form and set some of its properties in the Object Inspector. We explore the various options of the TRichEdit’s ScrollBars property. After we completed the tutorial the following values must be set for the properties of our TRichEdit:

– Lines – [Empty] : Remove all the lines;
– ReadOnly – True: User is not allowed to enter or edit values;
– Height – 200
– Left – 30
– Top – 290
– Width – 475

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Isaac Campbell says:

What is the music that you use in these? Its so catchy and i just need to have it 😀

opblitz87 says:

There is no RichEdit object in Lazarus. How to deal with this problem? RichMemo that is indicated as a substitution for RichEdit doesn’t work too.

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