Learning to program Delphi tutorial 1 – Hello World – Pascal – Rad Studio XE2

Learn to develop Delphi, Pascal applications for windows. We start and end with windows (rather than the command line) in this series. We will also try to point out the pros and cons of each language. If you are interested, we are building out the same application in multiple programming languages so that you can either learn one or see the pros and cons of each.


codecaine says:

The question is not why is it better. There is pros and cons to every languages. The question is why do you choose to use Delphi over the other languages. I choose delphi because I can build graphical interfaces quicker with less hassle. If you used C++ Builder and Delphi it is exactly the same coding except for the syntax.

Shin0bi says:

No, Skype and FL Studio were made with Delphi, along with many powerful applications, maybe it’s not a lot better than C++, but it’s definitely easier to use 😉

codecaine says:




Nicholas Bloxxer says:

as that free open source programming engine you were talking about called Lazarus? It’s literally like visual basic XD

Binary Chains 01 says:

how to make a web browser using delphi

jaketijakjak says:

Hi! I have delphi 7 and when I tried to repeat what you have done in tutorial, after writing ‘Label1. ‘ I dont have any options for Text: string.
What should I do? I get several options but not Text.string or any .string option

AndyADD says:

I would assume delphi is native language meaning it will execute on any platform, unlike vb and C# is on .net framework. C++ is not on the framework, though.

Helvecio Neto says:

Is it old? Yes (Pascal is 2 years older than C)… Outdated? No, since you can develop modern programs with it (unlike the original BASIC, for example)… Free? Yes! 100%! Delphi is also known as Object Pascal, which in turn is dialect-compatible with the Free Pascal compiler… Lazarus IDE is free and is the best Free Pascal tool I know…

codecaine says:

It is not a scripting languages it is a full language the compiles binaries.

Bilal Heuser says:

What I have always like about Delphi is that it lets one develop windows applications quickly and because it is based on Object Pascal it has lot of the OOP features of C++. It really gives one the best of both worlds, simple and yet sophisticated.

BaeBurn says:

Just because something is old does not mean it isn’t good. Some people say perl is old and therefore obsolete. The problem with that is perl is only four years older than python. FORTRAN is also old and it is still used for large calculations. I have not learned delphi yet, but if you use that google of yours you may find some modern day uses for delphi.

Nickie Black says:

Because VB is terrible.

coller sella says:

Because its easy

SouthernSet97 says:

Well, Visual Basic And C# Run Through .{NET} Framework. Unlike Visual Basic And C#, C++ Is Native To Windows As Is Delphi. If You Have Ever Tried To Run Your vb/c# Application On A Computer Without Visual Studio/Visual Basic? Likely Hood Is The Second Hand User Does Not Have Compatible .{NET} Framework Installed On Their PC. Why Delphi Is So Good Rests On The Fact That Is Almost The Same As C++, But It Can Actually Build A GUI, And Does Not Rely On .{NET} Frame Work, It’s Native.

Codex leet says:

the most annoying thing to hear is a “techie” using GUI as a word. it’s an acronym, you don’t pronounce it as a word. Every techie should know this if they are truly a techie and not some lamer script kiddy.

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