Learning to program Delphi tutorial 2 – Variables – Pascal – Rad Studio XE2

Learn to develop Delphi applications for windows, Mac and iPhone. We start and end with windows (rather than the command line) in this series. We will also try to point out the pros and cons of each language. If you are interested, we are building out the same application in multiple programming languages so that you can either learn one or see the pros and cons of each. C++ Builder XE2


Coi1221 says:

Nice tutorials!
Small correction: at 4:04, by default C doesn’t allow you to create variables anywhere (only at the top), but Visual Studio automatically fixes it for you.

chuong nguyen huu says:

i’m not understand

socialistdog87 says:

“Hello World” wasn’t being converted to an integer. The integer 5 was being converted to the string “5” so that the label could display it.

Steven Van Hulle says:

While using global variables is somewhat OK here, since you’re just discussing types of variables, it’s Very Bad Practice in Delphi. If you want to access your variable across different methods of the form (like in Button1Click and Button2Click) you should declare it as a member of the form, under private declarations. The only global variable should be the form itself.

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