Accessing the internet – Go Lang Practical Programming Tutorial p.10

Welcome to part 10 of the Go programming tutorial series, where we’re going to be covering how to access the internet with Go and how to parse data from it. In our case, we’re going to focus on getting data from a website’s sitemap.

Text tutorials and sample code:


Eduardo Moseis Fuentes says:

thanks for these videos, them help me

Tomer Lev says:

Great tuts! Wish you could make them longer. Really looking forward for the rest of the series!

Tharindu Lakshitha says:

Hey I kinda disappointed you don’t do a CRUD app here

Sabbir Hasan says:

Why am i getting “panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
[signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0xffffffff addr=0x0 pc=0x23f02a]” error. I wrote the same code!

asiddiqi123 says:

Amazing as usual. It will be nice of you cover scraping as well.

Cici Kuş says:

can you upload more pygame game making tutorials(not simple games) and how to make a spritesheet with pygame please?

卐 . HINDU KUSH . 卐 says:

But how do you code a Go Kart?

Pramodh Kumar M says:

I just keep on commenting!
aaaand you haven’t responded to any of them please check on discussion session
I have commented there and please respond to it!!!

jjuel5 says:

You can install gosublime and then set it up to add the imports for you as you need them. So say you use fmt.Println() you can hit save and it would automatically add “fmt” in your imports. I would also suggest setting it up to run go fmt or goreturns on save to automatically format your code the Go way as well. Just somethings that can make you more productive in Go.

Robert Rush says:

Good stuff fella.

Joshua Dashman says:

But what would be the other things your unpacking that you used the _ for?

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